July 31, 2011

One year

Wow, I can't believe how fast this year has flown by!
A year ago at this time I was at the salon getting my hair and makeup done in preparation to walk down the aisle. The years of planning and dreaming were all going to come together. I was finally going to marry my best friend.
Once we were done at the salon we went back to my parent's house to get dressed and I was laced into my dream dress. It was so perfect for me- despite the fact that I went to the shop asking for something completely different. As soon as I had it on I knew it was the right one (but still tried on a ton more...)
The boys got into their suits and posed for a few photos before heading down to the church.
We loaded up the limo with lunch so that we could eat between the ceremony and photos and then I figured out that my lip gloss could go down the top of my dress so I would be able to do touch ups between photos and kisses.
We arrived at the church and were surprised by the minister's Star Wars themed sermon. The boys were joking with him about it at the rehearsal dinner and he went through with it. He was talking about storybook endings and how they never show you what happens after the movie. Who do you do Christmas with? Who actually does the laundry?? We were all laughing so hard....
We did a rose ceremony in french for Jon's family. We knew that we were going to have guests who didn't speak any english and wanted to include them. Two of his cousins helped us by reading it in french and our english guests followed along in their programs.
We were  pronounced husband and wife and did our kiss. Then the photo spree started. We did formal photos in the church and then a great big group shot which is customary in Montreal.

We took some great photos on Whyte Ave that duplicated our engagement photos.

 We also got to add some new poses with the rest of the bridal party....

And then we went to the reception where we had speeches, drinks, dances and kisses all night. It was an amazing day and such an perfect start to our life together.

 Looking back a year later I am still so grateful for everything that people did to make our day special. We are just as in love today as we were a year ago and we still feel so blessed.


Katie said...

Happy anniversary, Kelly! I love the photo of your hubby with the Storm Trooper mask on. :)

misssrobin said...

It sounds like it was everything you hoped for. Happy anniversary.