July 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Hi my love,
I know that you don't read my blog that often anymore but I think you will drop by today.
Thank you so much for doing everything that you can to make me happy. For making coffee in the mornings despite the fact that you don't drink it. For doing the kitty litter box. For accepting that being with me means having to clean the house every week so my neat-freak tendencies don't fire up. For loving me however I look, whatever size I am and whatever I am wearing. For going for walks with me when you are tired and sore from your day at work. For sleeping on whatever side of the bed is closer to the door. For eating whatever I cook. For not pinning me down to watch the Star Wars movies....Really, just thank you for loving me for who I am and not trying to change me.
I love you!

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misssrobin said...

What a sweet sentiment.