December 9, 2010

Coffee Love

Today has been one of those 'run you through the grinder' kinda days. Today I need "coffee love".
Coffee love is simple: My husband hates coffee, doesn't like the bitterness or the strength of it, and yet, when he wakes up before me he makes a pot so I can have some right away. That is love, right there. Making the house smell like something you cannot stand because you love the person so much you don't care.

I had a kidney taken out when I was little, and for whatever reason I have always thought it was cancer. Then, when I started to learn more about cancer I unconsciously added more symptoms and treatments onto my list of what had happened to me. I don't know why I did it, I really didn't even realize I was doing it, and this last week we have found out the truth. Yesterday was spent chasing down medical records from 20 years ago (which is way harder than it sounds) and today we got the answers. Turns out I had a poly cystic kidney which just means I am prone to kidney, liver and pancreatic cysts and when the doctors went in to look at the kidney it was so covered in cysts that they just had to take the whole thing out. Definitely better than cancer, but now to deal with the emotional ramifications. I am freaking out, Jon is reassuring and glad that it wasn't cancer. So not excited for that one. Ok, vent over.....I think. But yeah, see why some coffee love would be good?


misssrobin said...

Ugh. Both my family and his family are the kind that don't know how to enjoy a good moment. I tell them good news and they either ignore it, tell me why it isn't really a good thing, or tell me all the ways it's going to go south.

I didn't grow up knowing how to validate people's feelings and give true empathy and understanding. I've had to work hard to learn how. Therapy helped (even though that's not why I went).

I am glad you feel like you are getting support from your in-laws. I have had to build a support groups out of friends. Family just isn't going to do it.

Kelly Latour said...

Blog edited December 13th to take out some of the personal references. I feel like this is changing it into a bit of a lie as the original content was my exact feelings, but have my back against a wall because of the emotion of the post.