February 28, 2011


Today's running log......
30 seconds of 8.2mph
30 seconds of 3.9mph
Incline of 1.5

10:34!!! Getting closer! I am a bit sad that I couldn't do it in 10. I even tried to run longer on the last few sprints but was so winded I had to slow it down....
Jon is going to do the treadmill with me on Friday and do the same intervals as I do. His cardio is better than mine but his knees are worse- it will be interesting to see what happens!
I kept running afterwards again....
Exciting Math for me to keep track of progress:
1.25 miles = 2.01kms
I did 2.01 kms in 13:30, so I did 0.15 km per minute. 
The half-marathon is 20 kms
20 kms at  0.15 km/minute = 133.3 minutes, or 2.22 hours.

February 27, 2011

Party Party Party

Holy man this week was crazy!
I spent most of it working on plans for Indulgent Designs, so far everything is going smoothly. I found a few possible locations that we will check out when we are in Victoria next week. I am almost done the business plan so we will be able to go to the bank soon! I sent messages to a few fabulous furniture suppliers in BC inquiring about their lines. I also started a few Etsy conversations with Victoria area crafters to find out if they would be willing to have their stuff in the store. So far there has been really good feedback!
Beautiful bowls from a Victoria based Potter.....Very excited to see these in person!
We went out to karaoke on Friday night and then had our goodbye party on Saturday and I am a zombie today. I am not young enough to close the bar two nights in a row. If I could sleep in I think I could handle it bit better but I worked both days as well, so there was only 4 hours of sleep between each busy day. I need sleep! Badly! Here are some of the best photos for your viewing pleasure (and because they will make you laugh!)
Me before starting to drink....
Shannon, Nicole and I all making awesome faces!
Shannon trying to sneak up on Jon
Greg singing for Nicole

Jon and I at the Muriettas trying to decide on a bottle of wine 
What happens when Cam & Shannon sit next to eachother

Cute group shot!

The best way to take photos so my flash doesn't blind me!


This weekend was nuts, i'm just getting to this now!!!
Friday's Running Stats: 
Interval training again, still trying to do a mile in 10 minutes. I almost managed it this time, but Jon came over to talk to me halfway through. While I was chatting I missed two sets. 

30 seconds of 8.5mph
30 seconds of 3.5mph
Incline of 1.5

Nutty Math for me to keep track:
1 mile = 1.61 kms
I did 1.61 kms in 11:09, so I did 0.14 km per minute. 
The half-marathon is 20 kms
20 kms at  0.14 km/minute = 142.85 minutes, or 2.38 hours.

Peach, Plum Pear

I love, love, love this Song. Jon hates it....what do you think??

February 23, 2011


Today's running results:
30 seconds of 3.5mph
30 seconds of 8.2 mph
A few seconds for the machine to adjust in the middle

Incline of 1.5
 1 mile done in 10:31!!!! Yeah!!!

I know the marathon is going to need endurance, not intervals, so I kept going for the next 10 minutes. A decent jog (5.5mph) and a fast walk when I was gasping (3.5mph)

Nutty Math for me to keep track:
1.79 miles = 2.88 kms
I did 2.88 kms in 20 minutes, so I did 0.144 km per minute. 
The half-marathon is 20 kms
20 kms at  0.144 km/minute = 138.89 minutes, or 2.31 hours.

February 22, 2011

Indulgent Designs

A very long time ago Shannon and I spent a bunch of time dreaming about  our own business. We had a name, a concept and really, really great marketing plan in mind. We planned and planned but never took it anywhere. I think we both knew that we didn't want to be in Edmonton, and, if we opened a store here we would both be stuck. She is moving to Kamloops in a few weeks to start up a different company (which is going to be amazing) and I am off to Victoria, hubby in tow, to start doing interior design work.
 I brought Jon  to the Alberta Gift Show yesterday. It is a trade show that allows manufacturers to showcase their new products. Jon will eventually do some work as a sales rep for his Dad's company, so we were both thinking that he could be a rep for awhile. He loves to travel, is great at sales and would work his butt off for the companies that he works for. What I forgot is that the gift show was also the original birthplace of Indulgent Designs and it is what started all of the planning and dreaming. One of the sales reps that I knew planted the idea in our head to start up a store and we spent the day re-visiting the original concept. I don't know why I never really explained the idea to him, but as I got started he started adding to the vision and we decided that we are going to do it!
So, now the flurry of business planning commences. Thanks to the University required business course I have some experience writing up business plans, which will help us to get funding. The sales rep that we were chatting with applied for government grants when he was getting his company going, and is helping us navigate the grant process. I am friends on Twitter with a real estate agent in Victoria who will be able to show us some places when we visit in March. My last 3 jobs introduced me to wonderful suppliers, freight companies and products that I will integrate into one solid product base. I have started to send messages to Victoria based Etsy stores wondering if they would consider placing some product into my store. I will be able to do design work through the store and will have a huge variety of products that I can offer to my clients. I am getting great responses all around.
I am pumped! Jon is pumped! We finally have a solid answer for the people who keep asking us what we are going to do with our lives and how we will support ourselves. So here is our plan:

February 21, 2011

Question #8

Day 8. Share a beauty secret (hair tip, makeup tip)

Drink a ton of water every day. Doctors and nutritionists all tell us to do it, but very few people actually do. You will be way healthier and it will show in your skin and hair. 

February 18, 2011


Ok, keeping track of numbers here. You can ignore the running posts if you want to....I am going to grab my iPhone before the treadmill  so I can snap a photo of the display for the posts....

Today's torture featured intervals....
Incline of 1.5
30 seconds of 8mph
30 seconds of 3.5mph
a few seconds between for the machine to speed up and slow down

1 mile in 10min56sec.  Sweet!!

I also did the math today...20km half marathon = 12.56 miles.

We set our goal.....we will do it in 2 hours!!!!

February 17, 2011

Maple Bacon Fudge

Yup, you read right! Jonathan's Valentines Day present arrived today and holy man is it ever amazing!!! My Etsy addiction is continuing, this time it is a lovely lady in Los Vegas who makes homemade fudge and gluten free baked goods. I think I will have to order more of her goodies for our drive to Victoria!!! Click on the photo of the fudge to go to her shop, there is tons of flavours to choose from!!!
Thanks Julie!!! He unwrapped it before I got home (I am horrible at keeping anything a surprise!) and he loves it! 

February 15, 2011

Question #7

Day 7. Write a blog or a note to encourage another beautiful woman.
I still remember the day I walked into your life. We both stepped out of our comfort zones and took an intro class hoping that it was something we would want to pursue. We sat at the same table for the first day and exchanged shy smiles and headed our own ways. The next class instead of getting "Hello" when I walked in I was greeted with a "Where do you live??" It is too funny that we lived on the same block, and too funny that you saw me walk through your parking lot in my pink cord jacket on my way to class. You volunteered to be my ride to class and we quickly became inseparable. By week 3 we could finish each other's sentences and could have whole conversations without words. 
You stood beside me through boys, breakups and drama. Every birthday party, BBQ and gathering I've hosted since has featured you as a planning partner. You were a stellar maid of honour and helped to organize wedding events to make everything perfect for me. We spent so much time planning our dream weddings together before I even had the ring, I knew that you would help me plan and get the dream just right. I know I didn't rely on you as much as I should have for wedding stuff, I just didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings and appear to favour someone. I did most of it alone so it wouldn't hurt you girls, and I think it ended up hurting all of you more by doing it that way. It is the only thing that I would change about that day though and I am still so glad that I had you by my side! 
Now we are both stepping out again. I am headed to Victoria to chase my design dreams and you are headed to a new city, to start a new business and a new life. We have both done this before. A few days ago you blogged about being scared of your move and everything changing. Maybe this is why the universe brought us together- to prove that we aren't too old to change. You will make more friends, you will get a new dentist and you will finally have control of your time. You will get there, meet another girl in a pink cord jacket and everything will be fine. No, wait, that's not true there's only one me (thank god!) You will spend way more time with your family, meet their friends and form bonds with them that will rival your friendships here. 
You are awesome, brave and strong. Silver Service Driving is going to take off and you are going to be fending clients off! You will use your connections there to spread the news of a new designer in town and get a ton of business. Maybe we will restore the dream of Indulgent Designs and just have two BC locations. It could happen! 
We promise to stop in for an afternoon visit when we are driving home to visit our family. I will kidnap you for an evening whenever you come to the island to visit your parents. I promise that I will stay addicted to twitter so we can talk everyday and I promise to keep blogging and reading your blog so we will stay close. I will be by your side for your winter wedding whenever that mystery man decides to show his face. Our kids will grow up as cousins, despite the distance and everything will work out!
Just always remember that you can do anything you set your mind to!
Lots and Lots of love,

Collection of Days

It seems that all of my posts lately have been based on Project 31, which I am loving, but it has left my day to day as a bit of a mystery. Here is a quick catchup for you....

Moving plans are shaping up. My last day of work is March 5th and then I have some time to dedicate to packing and sorting out all of our stuff. We are flying down to Victoria on March 7th to finalize a house and do some job interviews. I am starting to get a bit panicky, I don't like having this many loose ends so close to a move. I think the trip will help me calm down a bit. It will also be Jon's first ever visit to Victoria (he is moving there because I want to be there...) And really, who wouldn't want to be there- look at this city!!
We are both starting to feel the pressure from the people in Edmonton about moving away. Emotions are running high in everyone. We are here for another month, but it is getting more and more stressful. I know we will be awesome once we're gone, but saying goodbye to Edmonton and all the people in our lives is really hard. We are going to miss everyone a ton and will be insisting on emails and regular phone calls!!
Even our trainer is nostalgic and saying we have to come back and visit him. He is also telling me I have to blog about my workouts so he can beat me up from afar. My exercise goals have been centered around building up my cardio, which is my weakest link. My treadmill time yesterday was the best I've done in a long time- I even made Jon come over and see the screen! 1 mile in 11:59. Two summers ago I was timed doing a mile during boot camp and it took me 16:29. When we get to Victoria I want to get back to outdoor running and I am thinking this is a great goal to aim for!
We had a very mellow Valentines Day, we both worked, went to the gym and then I cooked us dinner. It was very yummy, but got inhaled before photos could be snapped (it was also not that pretty!) I made Thai chicken with quinoa and a fresh tomato, basil and soft cheddar salad. I surprised Jonathan with a bottle of wine and he got me pretty flowers and a new book! His present is coming from Etsy and is not here yet, but I know he will love it so I am watching the mailbox!! 
Pretty Flowers!!!

Really Good Wine!! 
New Book!!!
As we were getting ready for bed I commented that Jon is getting pretty buff from the gym. He started to show off and do the classic 'the beach is that way pose'. He gave me no warning but fortunately he loves me enough to do it again so I could grab the camera and you could all get a giggle from it too! I love you honey! 
Ok, you're all caught up again! Time for me to crawl back into bed and enjoy my new book and my lazy day!!!

February 13, 2011

Question #6

Day 6. Jaded Beauty. Has the world's definition of beauty ever jaded you?
Well, first thing's first with this one.....
Definition of Jaded (courtesy of Urban Dictionary): The end result of having a steady flow of negative experiences, disappointment, and unfulfillment fed into a person where they get to a point where their anger circuits just sort of burn out and they accept disillusionment. 

I think that we are jaded, but it is something that is shown to us from day 1. We are trained when we are little to accept that some people are beautiful and some people aren't. The girl at the supermarket? Ugly....The one on TV? Stunning. I think that we need to show our kids that EVERYONE is beautiful and worthy. I am awesome and awful at this. I am the first person to compliment complete strangers on great outfit choices, cute hair or pretty eyes. I am also the first to notice bad shoes, strange clothing and unfortunate fashion choices. I don't say anything to those people about their choices, because i've been on that side of a conversation, but I am one to Tweet about it....
There are all sorts of pop culture references here that we can learn so much from. The amazing Susan Boyle who takes every one's breath away while on stage at Britian's Got Talent. The inspiring Nick Vujicic who was born with no limbs but speaks at schools worldwide to teach kids about success. Even one of my least favourite celebrities Lady Gaga sings a song all about how we are born superstars, no matter what we look like. 
I know the opinions of others have always meant a great deal to me when it came to my appearance. I think the worst part of it is that what people told me I believed, and started to tell myself the same thing. If I heard I looked fat in an outfit I would donate it to Goodwill. It didn't matter if it was a complete stranger or someone who I knew well. I did all of my clothing shopping alone, no opinion seeking here. When I met Jonathan I was at my heaviest and was absolutely miserable about it. I couldn't shake the nasty thought that if people told me to my face I was fat 50lbs ago what were they saying behind my back now. He told me I was beautiful, over and over again. He made me believe it. He made me tell it to myself. Despite all of his love and support I still felt that I needed to lose the weight. I went to a trainer, changed our diet, changed our lives, tried crazy diets and he did it all alongside me to support me. He was fine with waiting an extra year for the wedding so I would love myself as much as I love him. 105 pounds later I ordered my dress 6 sizes smaller than the one in the shop and was very, very proud of myself. 
The honeymoon was amazing, but featured 3 weeks of eating whatever and drinking a bottle of wine each evening. We came back and my jeans didn't fit. I am one of the people who gain weight just by looking at food, but love to eat. We're back at the trainer, and back on the no munching rule, but I am so much more comfortable in my skin than I used to be. It might be because I know he loves me no matter what, but I think it is also because I also love me no matter what. I still have the mornings that I try on 30 things and fight the urge to climb back into bed. But now there are way more that I leave the house head held high because I feel great. I am not classically beautiful. I am not (or will ever be) stick thin. I am not tall. I will always have curves. I will always love my eyes and most of all, I will always smile. What other people think doesn't matter, it is that you think that counts. 
         Just remember......

February 10, 2011

Question #5

Day 5. Write a blog or a note thanking someone who has made your heart come alive.
Thank you for being here, being my man and being the love of my life. I can't think of anything better than knowing that you are going to be home waiting for me at the end of a long day, well, other than the knowledge that you are going to be home and wanting to cuddle. 
We first met 12 years ago and at that point I wasn't ready for your love. High school sucks and makes you treat the best people horribly. Although I managed to never pick you out of a crowd to pick on I also never gave you a second glance. You were Anthony's friend and so was I, the relationship never needed to go further than that. I had to go through some other stuff first, and you did too. 
I needed to live with the sketchy boyfriend, he taught me how to live on a dime, budget, sew and manage a house full of animals. From him I also learned that 18 hour workdays suck, that drugs really really suck and that it is really hard to hide bruises. When we ran into him last summer I wanted you to punch him for everything he did to me, but I ended up thanking him instead. I realized that he had a huge impact on who I am. He is the reason I am so independent, driven and strong. He's the one who taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to.
I needed to date the rig guy, he taught me to spoil myself, give to charity, eat organic and relax. He showed me that the guy in your life should be your best friend and should be the first person you want to call when anything happens. I am thankful that we were adult enough to realize that we made better friends than mates. He taught me that I am beautiful, inside and out and that I need to take better care of myself and always said my singing voice was the best part of me. I love that you and him met and that he knew that we were meant to be before we knew it. 
I needed all the guys between them. The really religious one whose mom dumped me for him. The one who scared Shannon by going pee with the door open while she was there. The one who I stayed with for too long because his Mom is one of me favourite people ever.  
I needed to go to university, support myself, work like crazy, and live alone. I needed to invite you to the big group birthday party on Facebook because I never gave you a second glance so many years ago. I needed to keep you around for the rest of the night because I was so amazed that you had been there, in the background, for so much of my life. Dinner at Dadeos the next night because we were snowed in and your car couldn't move out of the condos parking lot. Realizing that night that this was it, this was love, I was done searching. Dinner at your parents the next night so you could grab some clothing and then the gradual transfer of your stuff to my condo over the next few months. You surprising me with an engagement band while I was sick in bed after you spent all day looking after me. Telling Nicole and seeing her jump up and down for about an hour she was so excited for us. Telling Shannon after asking me and explaining to her that you didn't get her to help you pick the ring because if she knew I would. Spending 2 years planning the big day and having it go without a hitch (or at least any that the wedding planner couldn't handle before we got there) Walking down the aisle towards you I knew I made the right choice. I knew that the man I was walking towards was with me, no matter what, through thick and thin and that you loved me for me. This summer was amazing, I still can't believe we are finally married (and that we were engaged for so long!) Greece was stunning and we will go back again, even if it is just to visit Katrina's in Mykonos again. 
We will have our ups and our downs, but I am all in. 
I love you,

Too funny!

I found this list on Pinterest today and, just in case you haven't checked out my boards there I wanted to post the link in here! 

February 7, 2011

Photo love

My horoscope today!!

Tattoo I want to get next

Kiki sucking up while Jon is playing computer games

Firefly noticing that Kiki is getting love and howling from up high

Great Quote I found on Pinterest

Question #4

Day 4. Post a picture of you in your favourite outfit

Yeah for an easy day!!! Here is an outfit I wear all the time. The shirt is really simple but pretty, the capris are comfortable and I get to wear my red patent sandals. The photo was taken by Jon in Montreal on our Honeymoon this summer. I was watching the ducks in the pond (and yelling at the kids who were throwing big rocks at the ducks...)

February 6, 2011

Question #3

Day 3. Who is someone you know who inspires beauty?

I could take the easy way out of this question and talk about Fiona. She definitely inspired this list and the development that comes with it. I am spending more me time focusing on what I want to say and do. No more Facebook addiction- I am still online on occasion to check events and messages, but no little games anymore. My time has been spent collecting inspiration and finding lovely things to use in client's spaces. I am seriously addicted to Pinterest now, but that's a good thing because it can keep all of those sources sorted for me. The site will also make it way easier to find unique items to set my designs apart. And now that I have completely distracted you from the original question I am going to get back to it. I should talk about Fiona, but this time I'm not going to. I said thank you to her already and will actually do the work while I'm here.

There are two wonderful women who have recently come into my life and because I can't decide which to talk about I will talk about both (and try to cut the rambling down!)

Robin- I stumbled past your blog and you came over to check out what I was saying. Whenever there is a post of yours in my list I read it first. Your words help me to find my own and your support has helped me to keep going. Your children are so lucky to have a mother who can communicate with them honestly and will grow up strong because of it. There is already evidence of it in Jessica's blog (the writing thing also passed through the family tree!) You make me want to keep going and keep learning. Thank you for giving this new blogger a chance, some encouragement and something to reach for in my writing. 

Teresa- You came to work with me and amaze me every day. You always have a big smile on your face and have made me laugh when everything in my head says not to. Your ability to shrug off negativity and raise spirits is truly a gift. When I told you about this project you told me that everyone is beautiful in some way. You don't need these questions, my praise or my compliments, because you already embrace the lesson. You have shown me what I am trying to learn. There truly is beauty in everyone and there is a ton of it in you. Thank you for complimenting me every day, making me feel loved and making me feel like I can do anything.


Ok, I am still sick but finally have a day at home. I got an email today with my membership to Pinterest. I requested it last week but they have to approve you first. I logged in and am now very, very addicted. It is a way to collect photos, inspiration and links to awesome products.
Check out the new link on my sidebar to my profile there and my boards!

February 3, 2011

Best Fortune Ever

I love this fortune that was on my tea today. Too awesome!

No big post today. Between the icky allergic reaction night last night, the gym this morning and then work I am drained and ready for bed. Goodnight! 

February 2, 2011

Question #2

Day 2. What makes you uniquely you?
I had to tap into Jon's knowledge base for this one. I stared at the screen for a long time before asking for his help....so here are his answers:
 - I am ALWAYS cold. No matter how warm it is outside. Even in Greece when it was +30 at night I still snuggled under the blankets. 
 - I change my hair colour every 2 or 3 weeks. In the past few months it has been dark with blond streaks, purple, black, chestnut brown and is currently dark red.
 - There is a scar on my cheek from when I was little. I was using the bar in my closet to practice my gymnastic moves and it spun. I hit a metal bookcase....I ended up with stitches. I don't notice it anymore but he loves it.
 - I am a closet geek, a title coming from Jon and a few of our friends. I am refusing to play Dungeons & Dragons or Magic with them, but I love games. My reason why- I will get too addicted. I have to pull myself away from Restaurant City which is meaningless and simple, put me into a complex game? You'll never get me out!

My answers that I thought up while typing his in:
 - I have a big scar on my tummy. I don't really care that it's there. Two of my tattoos are right next to it, so it gets attention along with them and doesn't bother me. 
 - I would way rather give my money to people who work hard. I don't care that farmer's markets groceries and craft show gifts cost more, I like to know who made the item and help support them. I try to do all of my shopping in boutiques that are owner run. Why support WalMart? 
 - I love to sing and I do it constantly. I don't care what the music is or what I am doing, I am singing along. Seriously, I have to pick specific songs to listen to at the gym or else I sing along with my iPod while on the treadmill with headphones on. I feel that it helps me to express my feelings- Jon has often said that he can tell my mood based on the music that's playing.
 - My eyes are stunning. They are brown with green and hazel flecks. I hate wearing my glasses (and usually don't) because they block them. I have tried contacts, I am currently awful at putting them in.
 - It is really hard to make me give up. Some people see my stubbornness as a fault. I don't, I think it means that I will meet my goals and set even higher ones. 
 - I love to volunteer and help our community. I have so much of everything in my life that I need to give back and help others get there.
 - Cooking is one of my favourite things to do. When I had my own kitchen (I share one right now) I had someone over for dinner every night so I could cook for them. It's one of the biggest reasons why I am excited for Victoria. 
 - I read anything and everything. The internet is an evil thing for me. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook could take over my life if I let them. I have spent days on Wikipedia clicking on the random button. In fact, that is where a few hours of today went. 
 - Bold colours are my favourite. I love mixing strong hues and balancing them out. They are why I specialized in Contemporary design. I can't handle pastels and muted tones all the time. They have their place, and can be used properly, but I am still not a fan. Give me bold any day!
 - I give my cats crazy voices and talk to them when they are meowing at me. I can have a whole conversation with Firefly when she is in one of her moods. 
 - I refuse to start my day without coffee. Not necessarily because I need the caffeine, more because I love the warmth that it brings. I am also a bit of a coffee snob. I will go to the big chains if I don't have any other options, but prefer to go to smaller coffee shops. It goes along with my small business support thing. I think it's awesome to know the baristas by name and visit with them while waiting instead of that strange silence while they spend 5 minutes on your drink.

February 1, 2011

Dad's Birthday

So, my Dad's birthday was yesterday and I was soooo excited about his presents. I'm not sure if he clicks in to check up on me so I couldn't post them until he had opened them, but now I can!!!
I ordered him a custom canvas from the talented Stephanie at Geezees. Check out her shop here!
Here is the proof from her (I forgot to take a photo of the finished product!) She took one of the photos of us dancing at my wedding and put the lyrics to the song along the side. The font is very me (see, I love styles that look like handwriting!) and I love that she chose to make the one sentence larger.

I also got him a copy of Aspire by Kevin Hall while I was at a seminar last month. Kevin was one of the speakers and was selling and signing his books over the weekend. I had a blast chatting with him and am so glad I picked up a copy of the book for both of us. The book is based on the power of words and he picks a handful of words to show why they are inspiring, uplifting and the greatest gifts. It is a beautiful read and one that I will pick up again and again for motivation. 

If you do read this, Happy Birthday again Daddy! 
I love you!

Question #1

Day 1. What does beauty mean to you?
Why is this first one so hard? I read it yesterday, resolved to think about it today and write tonight. I still have nothing. No, that's not true. I have the physical beauty definition still in my head. I think beauty and I think of models and what I would love to look like. Most of the physical traits that I admire the most are completely unattainable for me. For example, I wish that I was taller. There is no way that will permanently happen- I can try with pretty shoes, but eventually I need to take them off. I wish that I had curly hair. Mine is straight as a bone and, if you try to curl it the curls fall in an hour or two. Even when professionally done. Even with a ton of hairspray. 
Nonetheless, there has to be more to beauty than I am getting to. I think there is a ton of beauty around us. I think people's smiles are beautiful and the light in their eyes when you make them laugh. I think nature is amazing and beautiful, even when it means freezing my butt off to go anywhere. I think my cats are beautiful with their soft grey coats and green eyes. I love textures and find lots of textiles beautiful based solely by touch. I think life is beautiful, messy, but definitely beautiful. I think volunteering for charities and helping others makes you beautiful. Ok, ramble over.

Beauty to me is knowing that your actions all come from love, that they will make someone feel special and loved and that your outward appearance doesn't matter.