February 15, 2011

Collection of Days

It seems that all of my posts lately have been based on Project 31, which I am loving, but it has left my day to day as a bit of a mystery. Here is a quick catchup for you....

Moving plans are shaping up. My last day of work is March 5th and then I have some time to dedicate to packing and sorting out all of our stuff. We are flying down to Victoria on March 7th to finalize a house and do some job interviews. I am starting to get a bit panicky, I don't like having this many loose ends so close to a move. I think the trip will help me calm down a bit. It will also be Jon's first ever visit to Victoria (he is moving there because I want to be there...) And really, who wouldn't want to be there- look at this city!!
We are both starting to feel the pressure from the people in Edmonton about moving away. Emotions are running high in everyone. We are here for another month, but it is getting more and more stressful. I know we will be awesome once we're gone, but saying goodbye to Edmonton and all the people in our lives is really hard. We are going to miss everyone a ton and will be insisting on emails and regular phone calls!!
Even our trainer is nostalgic and saying we have to come back and visit him. He is also telling me I have to blog about my workouts so he can beat me up from afar. My exercise goals have been centered around building up my cardio, which is my weakest link. My treadmill time yesterday was the best I've done in a long time- I even made Jon come over and see the screen! 1 mile in 11:59. Two summers ago I was timed doing a mile during boot camp and it took me 16:29. When we get to Victoria I want to get back to outdoor running and I am thinking this is a great goal to aim for!
We had a very mellow Valentines Day, we both worked, went to the gym and then I cooked us dinner. It was very yummy, but got inhaled before photos could be snapped (it was also not that pretty!) I made Thai chicken with quinoa and a fresh tomato, basil and soft cheddar salad. I surprised Jonathan with a bottle of wine and he got me pretty flowers and a new book! His present is coming from Etsy and is not here yet, but I know he will love it so I am watching the mailbox!! 
Pretty Flowers!!!

Really Good Wine!! 
New Book!!!
As we were getting ready for bed I commented that Jon is getting pretty buff from the gym. He started to show off and do the classic 'the beach is that way pose'. He gave me no warning but fortunately he loves me enough to do it again so I could grab the camera and you could all get a giggle from it too! I love you honey! 
Ok, you're all caught up again! Time for me to crawl back into bed and enjoy my new book and my lazy day!!!

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misssrobin said...

Isn't it nice to know you will be missed? Sometimes moving on is so hard, even when you know you are headed in the right direction.

Best wishes as you get things all wrapped up.