January 16, 2011

Another Townhouse

Oh no, a housing conundrum. I love, love, love the other townhouse I saw in Victoria, but my second cousin said he took a peek at it when he was moving there and didn't like it. The suites themselves are stunning, but the area isn't. He gave me a list of areas to look in, and then I found this gem.
More photos here!
I seriously need to get down there and walk through both of them and the areas. 

Also, I love the universe and all it's wonders. Kyle, my second cousin moved there a few years ago, and messaged me out of the middle of nowhere about 10 minutes after I said I needed to get in touch with him! Just goes to show, whatever you think about happens. Keep that in mind when running late and driving, think about the green lights not the red ones!!! 

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misssrobin said...

I love that. Think about the green ones not the red ones. I'm going to work on that.