January 2, 2011


So when I first started this blog I was doing a daily question. Mostly to myself as I seemed to be the only reader and was the only one answering them. I now have 6 of you....and will now start with the questions again. I will also do other posts (aren't you excited??? double posts!!)

What is one vacation destination that many people think is just fabulous, but which you personally have no desire to ever visit (or revisit)?

The Arctic. No sorry, never, ever getting me there. I love how angry the ice looks in this photo. That's my general opinion of snow. I should go and see it, just once, before this global warming thing really kicks in and it turns into a big waterpark, but I am so anti-cold weather. The animals are all cute and white, but that is why we have Sassy. She's cute, white and here in Edmonton with us. Home is cold enough. Maybe once we have moved to Victoria and have an absence of snow for a year or two. Maybe then. But for now, no way, no how.

What about you?

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