January 9, 2011


Edmonton gets a ton of snow. I have come to accept this as fact, even though I wish every year that it won't come! The snow is one of my biggest reasons for the move to Victoria! They get one or two big snowstorms each winter. They last a week, and then it goes away!! 
When I went outside this morning this is what I saw:

Jonathan grabbed our neighbour's snowblower and went at the driveway so we could head to church. We shovelled at 11pm, so this was 12 hours worth of snow....

I am a princess. Here is the path that was made for me to get in the warm car while he finished!

 The view out our living room window. The frog statue comes up to my knees. We live in the basement, so this is under the deck.....

The arbor is at the back of our yard. It has a swinging seat on it. Can you see the frame? We thankfully took the cushions off it before the snow. 

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