January 12, 2011

So much stuff!!!

I woke up with a strange need to clean and purge today after spending so much of yesterday looking at moving options for April. We moved last December from my condo (which was beautiful but two small for both of us) into Jon's parent's basement walkout (which is smaller, but let us save up money). We are now planning to move a province over and get our life going. It seems like all of our plans are on hold while we stay in Edmonton. Don't get me wrong, I  love the Edmonton (hate the weather) but love the rest of it, and we both grew up here, so moving is going to be tough. I can work here, but not for the same kind of money I will get there. He can work here but will have more success there as his company is just getting started out there. We can get a place, get the jobs going, get our puppy and eventually, start with the kids!
But yes, purging. We have way too much stuff! I swear we didn't move this much stuff in here! We spent all of today working in the bedroom closet and sink area. Yes, our bedroom has a sink. It used to be my Father in Law's workshop, so there was a utility sink in the corner. This is what we did to the room:

It is a strange shape, the back wall does a weird jut back thing and the closet is back in the corner. We put in handy Ikea armoires along the one wall to give us some storage for all my scrap booking stuff and office things. We share the monster dresser and the closet (oi!) Here is a closer view of the wall:

Gotta love the random shelving wherever I can stick it! We also possess the only floor length mirror in the whole house. I don't understand how people can get ready in the morning without one! Want to see our newly purged closet? We donated 5 bags of clothing to Goodwill, and still, it looks insane!

Don't you love the pretty support pole running through it? It makes you dodge a bit when you pull the clothing on that end out, but isn't as annoying as it looks in this photo! I am so thankful that there are two hanging bars in there, we would go nuts trying to share one! The other wall in the closet is all boxes and bins with shoes. Also all purged ;( but that just means I can buy more once we have moved!!!

I also listed a ton of stuff on Kijiji. God I love that site! I'm not sure how many responses I will get, everyone in the city has turned into a hermit due to all the snow, but I am hopeful. This stuff needs a new home, and fast. My next big job is going through our storage locker and seeing what needs to be listed, what needs to move with us and what can go to Goodwill and Freecycle. We got the locker thinking that we were only going to use it for 3 or 4 months while we were showing our condo so we could buy a new place. Here we are a year later going back to discover what is in it's depths. Should be fun!

Yup, that's all. What an exciting day for me! But I feel an odd sense of accomplishment.

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misssrobin said...

I love gutting my house. Unfortunately, due to health issues, I can't do it nearly to the level I need to. A little at a time. It's so tough to keep up with all that comes into a house, especially with 5 kids and a husband who like stuff. I don't. See the problem?

I love the room! I love non-traditional shapes for rooms. I know it creates problems figuring out where to put things, but the change in layout is freeing for my soul. I wish I had a jutting wall or a nook. And I'd love a sink in my room.

Have fun with the purging. We don't need nearly as much stuff as we think we do. And it just gives us more to worry about.