January 15, 2011

Dinner and a Movie....

Today the store was insane. Not too busy, but everyone who came in seemed higher maintenance than they usually are. I think it was a slight sense of entitlement, they drove all that way to my store, how dare I not sell exactly what they were looking for and have it in stock!  So, needless to say, I spent most of the day looking forward to the evening. 

I went on a date....not with Jonathan (who got in some gaming time) but with Shannon. Dinner at The Local and then a movie. Dinner was awesome! We had minor heart attacks last fall when we learned that one of our favourite restaurants was turning into a sports bar. Really? Does Edmonton really need another sports bar? OPM was so yummy, kinda asian fusion, and a great decor. It's gone now, it turned into the Local. Why did we go there if we are so bummed out about it's name and menu change? Well, thank you for asking! They kept our favorite thing on the menu! Here is their description!!! 
Seven Flavoured Beef- Marinated in the fragrant blend of lemongrass, 
peanuts, wheat-free soya sauce, fennel, garlic, ginger & sweet thai basil.
Oh man....so good!!! I could live on it. I think in the short time I have had this blog I have already talked about it once. I can almost guarantee it will be in here again! Lots of good girl talk, trying to figure out my 27th birthday party, her 30th birthday party, both of our moves (she's heading to Kamloops in the spring) and debating throwing a joint going away party. She even braved a sip of my caesar, which was quite funny as her three least favourite foods are tomatoes, anything spicy and vodka. It was awesome...

If you have time to go to a movie, GO SEE THE KINGS SPEECH!! It was amazing! Such incredible casting and a storyline that literally took our breaths away. It is based on the life of George the 6th and the start of his reign as king. Amazing stuff, so empowering. Someday soon (possibly tomorrow evening) I will have time to sit down and do the research it made me crave! I knew that He was the first king to take over because of a scandal, and knew that he was one of the few kings to come into power and replace someone who was still alive and well (his older brother was king, caused a scandal and abdicated the throne) But I never really knew the rest of the details of his life. So good! I want to learn more about him and his speech therapist Lionel Logue.

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