January 13, 2011

Cold is not my friend!

Holy man it's cold here!

I woke up today and caught up on the blogs I follow. I had a good giggle at K.Law's Blog- Raining Iguanas, who wouldn't laugh at the photo of the frozen lizard in her back yard and then got started with my own day. When we cleaned out the closet un-buried some great tops that I haven't seen for awhile. I wore one today, it's gorgeous, a satin teal tank with black trim and cute button details. I mixed it with a cropped black suit jacket, black dress pants and teal pointed toe shoes. It was cute all together and I was, once again, thankful that I cleaned out all that clutter.

When Jonathan opened up the door so we could go to work I almost ran back down and hid in the warm bed. The high today was -21 plus windchill?? Who the heck came here and decided it was a good idea to be this cold all the time? But I sucked it up and headed into work, I mean really, why waste such a cute outfit? We got there, got back inside and then realized, the heater is broken. It is 10 degrees inside. A bit of an improvement, but not much, especially when wearing a satin tank top. I bundled up in my scarf and spent most of the day huddled in the office. The bright side- the property management company will fix the heater. The down side- They can't get to it until tomorrow. Mental note- wear warm layers to work tomorrow! Lots of tea, surprise t-shirts and warm food got me through the day. By the end even Jon was starting to freeze (he is usually always warm!) I knew the t-shirts from ThinkGeek were on their way, but they came really fast. I tossed this one on over my silk shirt, under the suit jacket and kept my scarf on. Not as dressy, but also not as chattery....
We got home and he started looking up places in Victoria. Yup, all him this time! This is the first big sign that he is excited to move (until now he has said he will go because it is what I want to do) Yay!!! And look at what we found:
Isn't it pretty? It's 5 minutes away from the area that I really want to be in, lets us keep our kitties, has cute 2 bedroom suites and is in our price range. They even let you upgrade to a bigger suite if you need to. So that way, when we first go there and are job hunting we can move into the 2 bdrm, once we know what our monthly income is going to be we can switch up if possible. Townhouse= time to get our Hungarian Vizla!! I am pumped! There is even a pool and canoes to rent in the complex. I am excited to go to the farmer's market in my canoe. I think this is home!

All right, time for me to stop looking at the photo and thaw in bed so I can sleep! Goodnight everyone!

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