January 2, 2011

Baby Time? No....

It's official, still no baby on the way for us. We have been talking about it constantly and decided that we are going to hold off until we have moved and get settled a bit. Moving away from everyone will be hard enough when it's just the two of us, let alone when we have a little one on the way. It also gives me a chance to build a bit of a client base so I am not trying to advertise my design services while pregnant. It was a really hard choice to make, we are both so ready to be parents. Either way, we will start trying again this summer and hopefully will have a little one in 2012!!
Glenna Jean Bedding- Juliet
Jonathan has decided that our first will be a little girl (he is daring the universe to go against him...) And so we were looking at bedding and cribs, trying to figure out what we would do in a nursery for baby Jacqueline. It's funny, I help people decorate their nurseries every day, but when it comes to my own I am very indecisive. I think this crib set is the winner though. So pretty, but so simple.  Now that we have decided not to have her right away the fabric swatches arrived in the mail for me to pick between. What would have been a fun package to open turned into a sad, make me cry package. Not fun! Oh well. Next year I can order the bedding. Until then, I have the little bits to remind me that more work means more money and prettier accessories to go in her room! 

On a completely unrelated side note, check out Adele! One of my twitterers told me to download her music in response to my last blog. She is amazing! Such a strong, clear voice and great lyrics! Thanks to Musical Awesomeness @ sevengenres for the suggestion! 

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