July 25, 2011

People are strange

I have had an incredible few days at work. Our clients are so much fun to work with and I really love finding them that perfect item. I have a few bridal registries on the go and 2 of the brides called my manager to compliment me. Our boutique manager is wanting to hand all of the registries over to me because the other girl who handles them has received complaints this week. Yeah! I love doing the registries- the couple comes in, gets to pick out goodies and I build a relationship with them. If I treat them right they will come back to me even after the wedding is past. Their guests get the same treatment and they will come back to me over and over again for good service. It is an easy way to make strong contacts and bond with people. Which makes me wonder, how do you screw it up? Why is the other girl getting so many complaints? I just don't get it! Maybe I should ask my biggest question....
Why are people who aren't "people people" working at a commission based store???
We all have to shop, and some people enjoy it more than others, but don't you understand that good customer service and a smile will make people come back? I would rather pay a bit more than deal with bad customer service. But that's maybe why i'm good at what I do. 


misssrobin said...

Amen. You nailed it. Being kind makes all the difference. I hate it when the saleslady acts like I'm an inconvenience.

I'll bet you're an amazing saleslady. Congratulations on the compliments and benefits. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I go to Chintz all the time, which girl are you?-
Victoria Landgard.

Kelly Latour said...

Hi Victoria,
I am on the main floor and usually on the same side as our parking lot. Next time you come in ask for me and they will page me over, my name is Kelly.