February 1, 2011

Question #1

Day 1. What does beauty mean to you?
Why is this first one so hard? I read it yesterday, resolved to think about it today and write tonight. I still have nothing. No, that's not true. I have the physical beauty definition still in my head. I think beauty and I think of models and what I would love to look like. Most of the physical traits that I admire the most are completely unattainable for me. For example, I wish that I was taller. There is no way that will permanently happen- I can try with pretty shoes, but eventually I need to take them off. I wish that I had curly hair. Mine is straight as a bone and, if you try to curl it the curls fall in an hour or two. Even when professionally done. Even with a ton of hairspray. 
Nonetheless, there has to be more to beauty than I am getting to. I think there is a ton of beauty around us. I think people's smiles are beautiful and the light in their eyes when you make them laugh. I think nature is amazing and beautiful, even when it means freezing my butt off to go anywhere. I think my cats are beautiful with their soft grey coats and green eyes. I love textures and find lots of textiles beautiful based solely by touch. I think life is beautiful, messy, but definitely beautiful. I think volunteering for charities and helping others makes you beautiful. Ok, ramble over.

Beauty to me is knowing that your actions all come from love, that they will make someone feel special and loved and that your outward appearance doesn't matter. 

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misssrobin said...

Beauty is anything that tugs at my heart strings and makes me take pause.