June 20, 2011

Wedding Video

So we were lucky to have such amazing photographers for our wedding because it's sounding like we may never actually get the video. The company that we hired was called Tru Moments and they are based out of Calgary, Alberta. The videos on their website are stunning and they had done a previous wedding for our planner so we thought we were safe going with them. We were wrong.
The contract says that we should have had the rough footage and our hard drive by the end of August and the edited 20 minute show video by the end of December. It is now June and we haven't received either. Lots of phone calls and emails have  been ignored and we are now wondering what we should do (other than tell everyone we know to NOT HIRE TRU MOMENTS!!!!)
Any hints????
Does anyone want to help us spam them so they have to respond???
Their email address is info@trumoments.ca


Anonymous said...

So sorry. That sucks. I hope you get a response soon and that they work extra hard to make it up to you.

misssrobin -- http://www.misssrobin.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

That sucks, I'll get my hackers on it immediately. They will take them for every penny they have. No one messes with kelly!

Matt Kozinkiewicz

Anonymous said...

It happens.

Businesses go out of business all the time. As a planner, I have had vendors do a great job for clients and then refer them to someone else (another client) and they may not do that great of a job or even be in business after the wedding.

it's sad but it happens. That is why it's important to hire vendors that have been in business for a while. Not run of the mill or weekend warriars who have been doing business for under 3 years. These guys are a new business and it's bound to happen that they are no longer in business.

Think of the positive, you have great wedding photos that captured your day.