June 19, 2011

So, Recipes...

It took me forever to write the Question 11 blog post (which is here) because I never really follow a recipe while cooking. I try to buy whatever is the freshest at the market or what looks good to us at the time. That leads to a very unpredictable grocery list and means that most recipes call for ingredients I don't have on hand. It also means that I have a rough idea of how I create certain flavours, but the meals are hard to duplicate. I really just combine things I like and since I know what they all taste like I am pretty confident that it will be decent. I have had a few that weren't entirely edible, but they turn out more often than not. I am going to start recording what I toss into the pan so I stand the chance to re-create the good ones!!
So, tonight's dinner was......Warm salad. It's a bit chilly out today so I didn't feel like salad, but we were definitely behind on the veggie count for the day. Here's the mix and the instructions!
Once the onions were browned I really did just toss in the rest of the veggies as I chopped them up. It was amazing! All of the veggies were fresh from the greenhouse yesterday so they were full of flavour. I didn't really need to toss the basil in, but the bag of it was taunting me from the fridge!
The end result! So good!!! 

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Anonymous said...

My daughter cooks like that: a little of this, a little of that, and a lot of imagination.

Unfortunately, we may never have her wonderful peanut butter cookie creation again for that same reason. She doesn't have a recipe; she just threw things in.

Good choice deciding to write things down.

misssrobin -- http://www.misssrobin.blogspot.com/