November 28, 2010


This week has been hectic, so not as much blogging time as I would like. I am also finding it hard to convince myself to write to myself....If someone else is reading, please follow and comment, then it won't seem so lonely!

Milestones for this week:
- Jonathan's birthday is tomorrow, he will be 26.... We had a party for him last night at Gateway Lanes, did some bowling, played some pool, watched the Oilers lose, spent some quality time with friends. Overall, it was an awesome night!
- We decided to start trying for a baby. Yes, we're young. yes we're moving to a different province in April. Yes, we're newlyweds. But we want a family so bad, and my doctor is worried about me having complications due to past surgeries. If we start trying now we will know what we are up against. We both want a big family (Jonathan has all 5 named already....) so if baby #1 (Jaqueline) is too hard on me or at risk herself we will start the adoption process to fill in the house.
- We are debating moving before we move. I know, doesn't that one sound like fun. We are moving from Edmonton to Victoria in April, which will be awesome! But right now we are staying with Jonathan's parents. I love them a ton and they are great people, but having our own space is so tempting! I haven't lived with parent's in a long, long time, so having someone there to monitor (and comment on) how much sleep we're getting, what we are eating, how much we work etc is new and not my favorite.
- Christmas shopping is officially done! One of the perks of our marketing business is the companies we advertise for need customers for Christmas. We just went through their websites, saved a ton of money and supported our clients. Sweet deal all around! It also gives us a week or so to figure out the house thing before I have to wrap gifts!

Jonathan & I last Christmas with my sister's little ready for our own!

Question, November 28, 2010

Today's Question: Who do you want to win the Grey Cup?

 I am Montreal Alouettes all the way!

It may be because my husband's family is from Montreal, so if I wore green today he would be ready to fight me.
It may be because last year's game was so good and Saskatchwean lost it in such a stupid way, they don't deserve to have it this year.
It may be because I just like red and blue better than green......

November 26, 2010

Question- November 26, 2010

Today's Question: If money was not an issue what would you spend your life doing?
 I would spend my life helping other people. There are so many people on this earth that have completely given up hope. I want to give it back to them. I want my kids to see me giving others hope, and then they will follow my example and do the same! I want to show my kids that one person can make a difference!

November 25, 2010

Question: November 25, 2010

What is the longest line you have ever stood in?

This is tied for me. There was the killer long line at Disneyland for the Back to the Future ride. There has also been some crazy Christmas at Ikea and Old Navy lines. 


November 23, 2010

Question: November 23, 2010

What is the most interesting course you have ever taken in school? On the other hand, what is the most boring course you have ever taken in school?

The most interesting course I took in school was English 30. That is saying alot for that teacher because, after 8 years of university I can still remember her lesson plans. We studied an amazing book called Night by Elie Wisel. In the book Elie talkes about his experience with his dad as Jewish people in Nazi German concentration camps. What a powerful book to read! The teacher's theory was that we could apply the subjects in the 100 page book to any diploma exam essay question they could throw at us.Overcoming adversity- check, life and death- check, family relations- check, love- check.....
Because it was so short and we worked on it so long most of us could remember quotes and page numbers, which seemed to impress the exam markers. Our class all passed with honors, which is amazing compared to standard marks for that diploma exam. 

Most boring class would have to be History of Architecture. It had such potential, an amazing textbook and class description, but it didn't live up to it. The teacher for this one was a bit crazy, and instead of talking about architecture we talked about his last few vacations, his kids and his projects at his other job. He marked our final projects by laying them all around his living room and letting his kids and wife choose their favorites. The favorites got the top marks and it went down from there. Shannon and I were in this class together, so we got to see the marking unfairness first hand. My project was crap, I bought Architectural Digest, found a house I liked, used scrap booking stuff and threw the board together. Overall I put about 3 hours into the assignment. Shannon decided to do her parent's house so she could learn some of the history in the process. She spent hours measuring and drafting their home, went to the provincial archives to look up details, found photos of the house over the last 100 years, scrap booked it all together on the board and put about 72 hours worth of work in. I got a 95%, she got a not fair! 

Maybe it is the teacher that makes or breaks the class, not the class material itself. What do you think?

November 22, 2010

Question: November 22, 2010

If you could wake up every morning, open your bedroom blinds and look out a huge glass window at the perfect view, what would that view be?

I would sit up and look out over the ocean in Victoria. The bedroom would be on the top floor so I can see everything happening around me, and enjoy my morning coffee watching the sun come up over the water. 

November 21, 2010

Emotional Times

So, apparently today was my connect with people and melt down day. Usually at team meetings I am the upbeat cheerleader. Today I was the sappy making myself cry person. Crying is a good thing overall, it means I am releasing emotion instead of bottling it up and it means that my vision and dreams are strong enough to make me keep going no matter what! 

And on that note, with more tears in my eyes....I am going to bed! I will see you all again tomorrow with a big smile because I will be one day closer to my dreams!

Question: November 21, 2010

Today's Question: If, for your next birthday, someone offered to make you the ultimate dessert of your choice, what great concoction would you request? Be deliciously specific!

I would request Smores Cupcakes. Anything with chocolate and marshmallows excites me, and since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease I have been missing cupcakes and graham crackers. Summer campfires just haven't been the same these last few years! This really seems like the best of all the things I can't eat....i've got to get my hands on the recipe and alter it...yum!

November 20, 2010

Cleaning and such

Yesterday was an amazing day. Here is the highlight reel for you:

I had some great girl time with my best friend, went to see the new Harry Potter (go see it, it's amazing, just don't hold onto your pop, you WILL jump a few times in the movie and spill it!)  I am a book lover, so usually movies made from books irk me a bit. This one had a few moments that made me twitch- they could have done exactly what the book had, but approached the conversation backwards....but for the most part, worth the money! It's also being shown in 3D, which blows my mind.

 After the movie we went to Edmonton's Homes for the Holidays tour. They take 5 character homes in the beautiful Glenora neighborhood and decorate them for Christmas. Local stores and flower shops work with interior designers to dress up the spaces and the families get to relax in a hotel for the weekend while people troop through their newly dressed up homes. Shannon and I spent as much time looking at the layout of the homes as the decorations, the 'curse' of interior designers. One had a particularily odd layout, the staircase to the basement was in the middle of the house, cutting off the main spaces from each other and turning the main floor into a series of strange hallways. Despite the oddity, the house was done beautifully and they worked the corners into the decorating scheme. It was a blast to go see, and is such a fun charity event to support. All the proceeds go to Kids' Help Phone. Click here for the ticket information!

We stopped off at the Mongolie Grill South for dinner, and Jonathan met up with us there! Amazing hot and sour soup and make-your-own stir fries were the perfect dinner for us undecided eaters. You just walk along the buffet, put whatever appeals to you in the bowl and then they cook it up!


 After dinner Jonathan I headed home for a relaxing evening of cleaning. Yup, I know, it was just as exciting as it sounds....The only highlight was the strange yellow goo in this photo. We ordered it off of Think Geek (one of Jonathan's favorite websites ever!) It cleans the keyboard for you using it's strange gooey texture. You roll it along the top and it seeps between the keys, picking up dust, crumbs and kitty hair as you go! It's name is Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty and it is amazing.

Question: November 20, 2010

Today's Question: If you could bring to life any fictional character from a book or movie, whom would you choose and why?

This is a tough one! I have read way too many books and wanted to meet the people! I am also one of the people who goes caroling to see in other people's houses, so I think I would rather go to their world than have them face to face in mine. 

I would love to get immersed in the world of Narnia or Harry Potter. Although that would require me to get  over a slight fear of snakes....which both books used liberally as cast members.

If I HAD to pick one person I think it would be Mary Poppins. Yes, you read me right. She was amazing, got everything  done that she needed to and still had time to sing and dance. Awesome! 

November 19, 2010

Question for November 19, 2010

If you were a multimillionaire, where would you be and what do you believe you would be doing at this very moment?

I love this one, it fits right into my 'dreamer' mindset. I would be on a beach somewhere warm, with pina colada's and a thing of SPF 50. I love to read, and the new Nora Roberts book Happily Ever After just came out. It is just fluffy enough to recline into the sand with (no serious books for me while tanning) 

What about you?

Why i'm here

I used to be really, really good at engaging people in conversation, but since finishing university and starting working I have found that skill going downhill. So, I am starting a blog. And while I think I will be  talking to myself for the first little bit I will at least be talking!

So, for those that are reading, here is who I am:
- A ball of energy that never gives up (just ask my trainer)
- The loudest cheerleader  for any good cause
- The wife of a great man
- The proud 'mom' of two cute kitties
- An entrepreneur focused on marketing and social media
- A dreamer

I am going to be on here, every day, with a new conversation topic. Please come back and answer them, I will come and see what you are doing too!