November 28, 2010


This week has been hectic, so not as much blogging time as I would like. I am also finding it hard to convince myself to write to myself....If someone else is reading, please follow and comment, then it won't seem so lonely!

Milestones for this week:
- Jonathan's birthday is tomorrow, he will be 26.... We had a party for him last night at Gateway Lanes, did some bowling, played some pool, watched the Oilers lose, spent some quality time with friends. Overall, it was an awesome night!
- We decided to start trying for a baby. Yes, we're young. yes we're moving to a different province in April. Yes, we're newlyweds. But we want a family so bad, and my doctor is worried about me having complications due to past surgeries. If we start trying now we will know what we are up against. We both want a big family (Jonathan has all 5 named already....) so if baby #1 (Jaqueline) is too hard on me or at risk herself we will start the adoption process to fill in the house.
- We are debating moving before we move. I know, doesn't that one sound like fun. We are moving from Edmonton to Victoria in April, which will be awesome! But right now we are staying with Jonathan's parents. I love them a ton and they are great people, but having our own space is so tempting! I haven't lived with parent's in a long, long time, so having someone there to monitor (and comment on) how much sleep we're getting, what we are eating, how much we work etc is new and not my favorite.
- Christmas shopping is officially done! One of the perks of our marketing business is the companies we advertise for need customers for Christmas. We just went through their websites, saved a ton of money and supported our clients. Sweet deal all around! It also gives us a week or so to figure out the house thing before I have to wrap gifts!

Jonathan & I last Christmas with my sister's little ready for our own!

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