November 20, 2010

Cleaning and such

Yesterday was an amazing day. Here is the highlight reel for you:

I had some great girl time with my best friend, went to see the new Harry Potter (go see it, it's amazing, just don't hold onto your pop, you WILL jump a few times in the movie and spill it!)  I am a book lover, so usually movies made from books irk me a bit. This one had a few moments that made me twitch- they could have done exactly what the book had, but approached the conversation backwards....but for the most part, worth the money! It's also being shown in 3D, which blows my mind.

 After the movie we went to Edmonton's Homes for the Holidays tour. They take 5 character homes in the beautiful Glenora neighborhood and decorate them for Christmas. Local stores and flower shops work with interior designers to dress up the spaces and the families get to relax in a hotel for the weekend while people troop through their newly dressed up homes. Shannon and I spent as much time looking at the layout of the homes as the decorations, the 'curse' of interior designers. One had a particularily odd layout, the staircase to the basement was in the middle of the house, cutting off the main spaces from each other and turning the main floor into a series of strange hallways. Despite the oddity, the house was done beautifully and they worked the corners into the decorating scheme. It was a blast to go see, and is such a fun charity event to support. All the proceeds go to Kids' Help Phone. Click here for the ticket information!

We stopped off at the Mongolie Grill South for dinner, and Jonathan met up with us there! Amazing hot and sour soup and make-your-own stir fries were the perfect dinner for us undecided eaters. You just walk along the buffet, put whatever appeals to you in the bowl and then they cook it up!


 After dinner Jonathan I headed home for a relaxing evening of cleaning. Yup, I know, it was just as exciting as it sounds....The only highlight was the strange yellow goo in this photo. We ordered it off of Think Geek (one of Jonathan's favorite websites ever!) It cleans the keyboard for you using it's strange gooey texture. You roll it along the top and it seeps between the keys, picking up dust, crumbs and kitty hair as you go! It's name is Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty and it is amazing.

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