April 17, 2011

Blogging on my iPhone

Hi!!! I just figured out I can pull up the blog editor in safari on my phone!!! I'm not why this didn't occur to me over the last two weeks of blogging withdrawal! The sad part is that the blogs are typed into my laptop....oh well, the other posts will appear when I get net access at home!
We are settling into our new city, have started our jobs and are getting back into a routine. I did get the job at Chintz & Company that I had blogged about last month and Jon is officially a Fedex driver. We are both working Monday to Friday so we have the weekends free to explore Victoria and meet new people. We went to a Victoria Tweetup yesterday to celebrate Foursquare's birthday. It was so much fun and let me put a face to the awesomely welcoming twitter community here!
I have some amazing photos saved up- this editor won't let me drop any of them in!
I will be back soon!!!!

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misssrobin said...

Congratulations - I'm glad things are going well! Can't wait to see some pictures.