April 23, 2011

Internet Dependance

I need my internet! It is not an optional expense for me anymore, I depend on it too much! It is my entertainment, my source of news, my contact with friends and family and my research tool. Usually breakfast time is spent in front of the computer catching up on the news and responding to emails and messages. Before bed I am online posting my blog and reading the posts from the blogs I follow. If I need a phone number or an address I hop on quickly and get it. I am not from the generation that pulls out a copy of the Yellow Pages for a number! I am on Twitter throughout the day and check in with Foursquare whenever I remember to do it, but they don't allow the same level of communication that blogs do.  However, I was very thankful for them during the weeks of no connection. My iPhone is usually attached to me but for these last few weeks I don't think I've put it down except for when I was working.
I know I need my hookup so I booked the setup with Telus 2 weeks before we moved. I called them to update the phone number on record and confirm the appointment when we got here. I waited at home for 8 hours on a Sunday for the technician but nobody came. I called in, waited on hold for forever and rescheduled the appointment. The next time block came and went with no technician appearing. Another crazy hold time and another appointment booked. This time the escalations department was going to handle it for us, and they were throwing in some perks because of all the problems. Third appointment also no-showed. More hold time, more transfers and finally a helpful person on the other end of the phone. Too bad she came in so late in the game- she had to cancel the contract for us.
I am now connected via Shaw and am fine with paying more money per month to deal with a service provider that has short hold times and prompt service. I'm back!!!

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misssrobin said...

Whew! What a crazy adventure you've been through on this one. Glad you made it back safely. Hope you are well and that your move is working out.