April 24, 2011

A gloomy Easter

Laying in bed last night I was thinking. This was the first holiday that Jon & I were on our own. No juggling both families to see who we could have dinner with. No scheduling egg hunts into our packed weekend. Just the two of us. I fell asleep thinking that the holiday would be fun, we would go to church, go for a nice walk and make our own Easter feast. We would start to make our own traditions.  I woke up even more homesick. Church was lovely but just not the same. It was rainy outside so we didn't go for a walk. Dinner was really good but I didn't make all of the things that make Easter dinner special. I was already a bit homesick, but today I am really missing everyone.
I hope you all had a great holiday and hope that you didn't get the gloomies like me. I miss you & I love you!

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misssrobin said...

Sorry you miss your family. :(