April 23, 2011

Our Move in Photo Form

So this past month has been a big whirlwind!!

We left snowy Edmonton:
Loaded all our stuff (and our kitties) into this:
Stopped in Revelstoke halfway there and watched our little acrobat explore the hotel room:
Drove through the mountains:
Stopped for photos along the way:
And arrived here:
Got the kitties settled into the new place: 
Unloaded the very full Uhaul:
And started enjoying our new home:
We both started work:
Explored the city on our weekend off.
Coolest bookstore ever:

Yummy sushi:
Visited the wharf:
Waited for Telus to set up our internet, stayed home for 3 appointments, got stood up 3 times and decided to go with Shaw instead:
Met some of the Victoria Twitter regulars at a birthday party for Foursquare:
Fell in love with the things we carry at Chintz & Company:
Unpacked, settled in and started our new routine. So far so good!


misssrobin said...

It looks like such a fun adventure (for people much younger than myself; it made me tired just reading about it).

How do you ever force yourself to leave that bookstore?

Kelly Latour said...

Thanks! It was fun (but definately tiring!!)

I promised myself that I would go back, often! It is about 2 blocks away from my work, so I have stopped in a few times on my way there!