February 10, 2011

Question #5

Day 5. Write a blog or a note thanking someone who has made your heart come alive.
Thank you for being here, being my man and being the love of my life. I can't think of anything better than knowing that you are going to be home waiting for me at the end of a long day, well, other than the knowledge that you are going to be home and wanting to cuddle. 
We first met 12 years ago and at that point I wasn't ready for your love. High school sucks and makes you treat the best people horribly. Although I managed to never pick you out of a crowd to pick on I also never gave you a second glance. You were Anthony's friend and so was I, the relationship never needed to go further than that. I had to go through some other stuff first, and you did too. 
I needed to live with the sketchy boyfriend, he taught me how to live on a dime, budget, sew and manage a house full of animals. From him I also learned that 18 hour workdays suck, that drugs really really suck and that it is really hard to hide bruises. When we ran into him last summer I wanted you to punch him for everything he did to me, but I ended up thanking him instead. I realized that he had a huge impact on who I am. He is the reason I am so independent, driven and strong. He's the one who taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to.
I needed to date the rig guy, he taught me to spoil myself, give to charity, eat organic and relax. He showed me that the guy in your life should be your best friend and should be the first person you want to call when anything happens. I am thankful that we were adult enough to realize that we made better friends than mates. He taught me that I am beautiful, inside and out and that I need to take better care of myself and always said my singing voice was the best part of me. I love that you and him met and that he knew that we were meant to be before we knew it. 
I needed all the guys between them. The really religious one whose mom dumped me for him. The one who scared Shannon by going pee with the door open while she was there. The one who I stayed with for too long because his Mom is one of me favourite people ever.  
I needed to go to university, support myself, work like crazy, and live alone. I needed to invite you to the big group birthday party on Facebook because I never gave you a second glance so many years ago. I needed to keep you around for the rest of the night because I was so amazed that you had been there, in the background, for so much of my life. Dinner at Dadeos the next night because we were snowed in and your car couldn't move out of the condos parking lot. Realizing that night that this was it, this was love, I was done searching. Dinner at your parents the next night so you could grab some clothing and then the gradual transfer of your stuff to my condo over the next few months. You surprising me with an engagement band while I was sick in bed after you spent all day looking after me. Telling Nicole and seeing her jump up and down for about an hour she was so excited for us. Telling Shannon after asking me and explaining to her that you didn't get her to help you pick the ring because if she knew I would. Spending 2 years planning the big day and having it go without a hitch (or at least any that the wedding planner couldn't handle before we got there) Walking down the aisle towards you I knew I made the right choice. I knew that the man I was walking towards was with me, no matter what, through thick and thin and that you loved me for me. This summer was amazing, I still can't believe we are finally married (and that we were engaged for so long!) Greece was stunning and we will go back again, even if it is just to visit Katrina's in Mykonos again. 
We will have our ups and our downs, but I am all in. 
I love you,


WhisperingWriter said...

This is an incredibly sweet letter!

misssrobin said...

So beautiful. You are truly blessed.