February 23, 2011


Today's running results:
30 seconds of 3.5mph
30 seconds of 8.2 mph
A few seconds for the machine to adjust in the middle

Incline of 1.5
 1 mile done in 10:31!!!! Yeah!!!

I know the marathon is going to need endurance, not intervals, so I kept going for the next 10 minutes. A decent jog (5.5mph) and a fast walk when I was gasping (3.5mph)

Nutty Math for me to keep track:
1.79 miles = 2.88 kms
I did 2.88 kms in 20 minutes, so I did 0.144 km per minute. 
The half-marathon is 20 kms
20 kms at  0.144 km/minute = 138.89 minutes, or 2.31 hours.

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