February 28, 2011


Today's running log......
30 seconds of 8.2mph
30 seconds of 3.9mph
Incline of 1.5

10:34!!! Getting closer! I am a bit sad that I couldn't do it in 10. I even tried to run longer on the last few sprints but was so winded I had to slow it down....
Jon is going to do the treadmill with me on Friday and do the same intervals as I do. His cardio is better than mine but his knees are worse- it will be interesting to see what happens!
I kept running afterwards again....
Exciting Math for me to keep track of progress:
1.25 miles = 2.01kms
I did 2.01 kms in 13:30, so I did 0.15 km per minute. 
The half-marathon is 20 kms
20 kms at  0.15 km/minute = 133.3 minutes, or 2.22 hours.

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