February 15, 2011

Question #7

Day 7. Write a blog or a note to encourage another beautiful woman.
I still remember the day I walked into your life. We both stepped out of our comfort zones and took an intro class hoping that it was something we would want to pursue. We sat at the same table for the first day and exchanged shy smiles and headed our own ways. The next class instead of getting "Hello" when I walked in I was greeted with a "Where do you live??" It is too funny that we lived on the same block, and too funny that you saw me walk through your parking lot in my pink cord jacket on my way to class. You volunteered to be my ride to class and we quickly became inseparable. By week 3 we could finish each other's sentences and could have whole conversations without words. 
You stood beside me through boys, breakups and drama. Every birthday party, BBQ and gathering I've hosted since has featured you as a planning partner. You were a stellar maid of honour and helped to organize wedding events to make everything perfect for me. We spent so much time planning our dream weddings together before I even had the ring, I knew that you would help me plan and get the dream just right. I know I didn't rely on you as much as I should have for wedding stuff, I just didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings and appear to favour someone. I did most of it alone so it wouldn't hurt you girls, and I think it ended up hurting all of you more by doing it that way. It is the only thing that I would change about that day though and I am still so glad that I had you by my side! 
Now we are both stepping out again. I am headed to Victoria to chase my design dreams and you are headed to a new city, to start a new business and a new life. We have both done this before. A few days ago you blogged about being scared of your move and everything changing. Maybe this is why the universe brought us together- to prove that we aren't too old to change. You will make more friends, you will get a new dentist and you will finally have control of your time. You will get there, meet another girl in a pink cord jacket and everything will be fine. No, wait, that's not true there's only one me (thank god!) You will spend way more time with your family, meet their friends and form bonds with them that will rival your friendships here. 
You are awesome, brave and strong. Silver Service Driving is going to take off and you are going to be fending clients off! You will use your connections there to spread the news of a new designer in town and get a ton of business. Maybe we will restore the dream of Indulgent Designs and just have two BC locations. It could happen! 
We promise to stop in for an afternoon visit when we are driving home to visit our family. I will kidnap you for an evening whenever you come to the island to visit your parents. I promise that I will stay addicted to twitter so we can talk everyday and I promise to keep blogging and reading your blog so we will stay close. I will be by your side for your winter wedding whenever that mystery man decides to show his face. Our kids will grow up as cousins, despite the distance and everything will work out!
Just always remember that you can do anything you set your mind to!
Lots and Lots of love,

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misssrobin said...

Another great quote.

And best of luck to both you and your friend. While change can be super scary it can also bring much needed growth. You can do it!