February 2, 2011

Question #2

Day 2. What makes you uniquely you?
I had to tap into Jon's knowledge base for this one. I stared at the screen for a long time before asking for his help....so here are his answers:
 - I am ALWAYS cold. No matter how warm it is outside. Even in Greece when it was +30 at night I still snuggled under the blankets. 
 - I change my hair colour every 2 or 3 weeks. In the past few months it has been dark with blond streaks, purple, black, chestnut brown and is currently dark red.
 - There is a scar on my cheek from when I was little. I was using the bar in my closet to practice my gymnastic moves and it spun. I hit a metal bookcase....I ended up with stitches. I don't notice it anymore but he loves it.
 - I am a closet geek, a title coming from Jon and a few of our friends. I am refusing to play Dungeons & Dragons or Magic with them, but I love games. My reason why- I will get too addicted. I have to pull myself away from Restaurant City which is meaningless and simple, put me into a complex game? You'll never get me out!

My answers that I thought up while typing his in:
 - I have a big scar on my tummy. I don't really care that it's there. Two of my tattoos are right next to it, so it gets attention along with them and doesn't bother me. 
 - I would way rather give my money to people who work hard. I don't care that farmer's markets groceries and craft show gifts cost more, I like to know who made the item and help support them. I try to do all of my shopping in boutiques that are owner run. Why support WalMart? 
 - I love to sing and I do it constantly. I don't care what the music is or what I am doing, I am singing along. Seriously, I have to pick specific songs to listen to at the gym or else I sing along with my iPod while on the treadmill with headphones on. I feel that it helps me to express my feelings- Jon has often said that he can tell my mood based on the music that's playing.
 - My eyes are stunning. They are brown with green and hazel flecks. I hate wearing my glasses (and usually don't) because they block them. I have tried contacts, I am currently awful at putting them in.
 - It is really hard to make me give up. Some people see my stubbornness as a fault. I don't, I think it means that I will meet my goals and set even higher ones. 
 - I love to volunteer and help our community. I have so much of everything in my life that I need to give back and help others get there.
 - Cooking is one of my favourite things to do. When I had my own kitchen (I share one right now) I had someone over for dinner every night so I could cook for them. It's one of the biggest reasons why I am excited for Victoria. 
 - I read anything and everything. The internet is an evil thing for me. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook could take over my life if I let them. I have spent days on Wikipedia clicking on the random button. In fact, that is where a few hours of today went. 
 - Bold colours are my favourite. I love mixing strong hues and balancing them out. They are why I specialized in Contemporary design. I can't handle pastels and muted tones all the time. They have their place, and can be used properly, but I am still not a fan. Give me bold any day!
 - I give my cats crazy voices and talk to them when they are meowing at me. I can have a whole conversation with Firefly when she is in one of her moods. 
 - I refuse to start my day without coffee. Not necessarily because I need the caffeine, more because I love the warmth that it brings. I am also a bit of a coffee snob. I will go to the big chains if I don't have any other options, but prefer to go to smaller coffee shops. It goes along with my small business support thing. I think it's awesome to know the baristas by name and visit with them while waiting instead of that strange silence while they spend 5 minutes on your drink.

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misssrobin said...

What a fun list. I especially love his list. It's fun to see what those we love see in us.

Two facts about me in return:
* I have green eyes. A green I've never seen in anyone else's eyes. A spring/grass green (with a freckle below one of my pupils).
* I am color-blind (very rare in a female -- lucky me).