November 20, 2010

Question: November 20, 2010

Today's Question: If you could bring to life any fictional character from a book or movie, whom would you choose and why?

This is a tough one! I have read way too many books and wanted to meet the people! I am also one of the people who goes caroling to see in other people's houses, so I think I would rather go to their world than have them face to face in mine. 

I would love to get immersed in the world of Narnia or Harry Potter. Although that would require me to get  over a slight fear of snakes....which both books used liberally as cast members.

If I HAD to pick one person I think it would be Mary Poppins. Yes, you read me right. She was amazing, got everything  done that she needed to and still had time to sing and dance. Awesome! 

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