January 11, 2011

Birthdays & Puppies

Today was very anti-climatic day. I wasn't going to do a post, but after how much I bug Jonathan to read my posts he bugged me about taking a few days off. I suppose he is right, if I slack off now I won't learn the things I set out to learn with it. 

I finally dragged my butt out of bed and went to the trainer with Jon. After 3 months of 5 days a week I took 1 month off. Bad idea!!! My butt is now very, very mad at me. Evil squats! Fortunately after that we came back home and spent the day on the couch and the computer. I am in full on Victoria dreamland, trying to nail down what area we want to look for apartments in and seeing what arrangements I can make for the moving process. I can't believe it is only a few months away!!

Today was also my Father in Law's birthday, so we had a great dinner and played Tock. Girls against boys....and we won for once! So much for letting the birthday boy get his way. Oh well!! 

I checked in to Twitter after dinner and got absorbed into the wonderful world of 144 letter posts. I really need to learn how to do the point form thing. I love it and get so frustrated by it at the same time!! I caught up, retweeted, replied and then got distracted by YouTube with cute videos of Hungarian Vizlas. I posted one below for you too!! One of my old bosses had a Vizla named Echo and he was such a great dog. We decided last year that when we move into a bigger place and have a good back yard we are getting one and naming him Romeo. 

See, aren't they cute??? I am so excited!!!


misssrobin said...

Very cute dog, congratulations on the win, and good for you for getting back to it.

Kelly Latour said...

Thanks Robin!
They are such a sweet breed, great with kids and very active. I am so excited to get him!!!
I think the boys have developed hand signals to eachother...they seem to play perfectly, one moving the marble backwards so the other can put it into the safe house (Tock is similar to Chinese Checkers) Us girls haven't figured out that system yet.
I can't believe how sore I was yesterday from that workout. I can still feel it this morning....oh man....but it is worth it in the end!!