January 26, 2011

Point form- I promise....

It is, once again, way past my bedtime....so, point form with lots of photos is all your getting tonight....

We went to the Apple store and returned the wireless keyboard and picked up this pretty silver one (and pink protector) instead. It came with a usb extension cord so my mouse cord is twice as long now...bonus!

Playtime with Bailey again in the backyard....remembered to grab the camera this time!

After playtime she decided to hop up onto the bed for a cuddle with Jon.

Dinner #3 for my bday was tonight, this time with my family. Here is one side of the table- My brother in law, Mom and Hubby. I know Mom's not looking at the camera, but I think if I posted the one that she is looking she would be mad...this one is cute!

The other side of the table- My sister, Dad and me.

My yummy, yummy dinner. Steak with shrimp and scallops and a cream sauce. I am going to regret it tomorrow at the gym, but it was worth it (and no desert, so it wasn't that much of a cheat....)

The cute hat and scarf I got from my Grandparents.

All of today's presents at once. My parents got me the next books in the series (I got 7 & 8 at yesterday's dinner, I now have 9, 10 & 11!) They also picked out a kitty calendar for me to laugh at. A Starbucks gift card from Karen and Paul - I love it when other people fuel my coffee addiction!

Overall today rocked. We went to the gym, went out for breakfast, solved my computer issues, did some pampering time (dyed my hair, manicure & face mask...), did some of the organizing for our going away party, played with the puppies and had a great dinner.....Life is Good!

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