January 3, 2011

Hugs and Babies

Today made me want to come home, drink a bottle of wine alone and curl up on the couch. I think it was a combination of deciding to hold off of the baby making and a friend miscarrying her long-anticipated baby. She has been trying for so long, and made it through the first ultrasound, but not the second. We are waiting for now, but I am so scared of going through what she is going through. What if that is me next year? Why am I so selfish thinking of me when she is in such pain? 

My hugs and prayers go out to her and her husband. 
Mama B, you will make a great mommy someday, just don't lose hope!

I got to baby-cuddle today a few times at work. I don't know why I torture myself. I want my own, I don't want to give them back anymore! The more I hear Jon say he wants 5, the more I agree with him. I want the cuddles and the chaos. I want them to love each other and bicker and make up. I want to catch them cuddling with each other, to catch them getting each other in trouble and to see them support one another. Until then, I will cuddle customer's babies and watch my kitties snuggle with each other.
That's all for tonight. Time to re-fill my wine glass and curl up with my book. Goodnight to you, and hugs. Wether you need them right now or not, you may someday, and now you have some in reserve. 

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