December 19, 2010

Sunday & The Local

I love Sunday mornings because I get an email with the days sermon from my church in it, and since I didn't get one today I went onto their website. There have been a few Sundays this month that I have missed, and one that didn't get sent to me. I just read through it and know why I got it today. Yesterday or last week I wouldn't have been ready for it. Click here to check it out. I love his message in it.
It was the 4th Sunday in Advent, so instead of a regular sermon our Minister did the advent readings and we had lots of extra singing and even a play performed by the Sunday school kids. The play really featured all the kid's unique personalities and ended up with them singing Go Tell It On The Mountain as my friend played harpsichord. She had it at her house for American Thanksgiving and we were all joking about her need to learn random things. She did an awesome job playing it, the practice and ignoring of mocking really paid off!
After church I had tea and talks and sorted out some of the emotional mess that has taken over my life. It's not all gone, but footsteps were taken in the right direction and we agreed on each taking a few little steps to help the others heal. We even have books to read to help understand ourselves better so we can communicate better with others. I am pretty excited for the changes and the stronger relationships.
7 Flavoured Beef
Jon came and got me and we headed out for a bite to eat (tea only sustains me for so long). I loved OPM and was very, very sad to learn that they were closing down. There were a few things on the menu that I could eat every day and never get sick of. Recently I found out via Twitter that they kept my favourite dish! So, we checked out The Local. New interior, still pretty cool. Not as private as OPM was (it was almost mazelike) but still conversation friendly. I am pleased to report that the 7 Flavoured Beef is just as amazing as it always has been!

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misssrobin said...

I have some emotional mess to sort out, too. It never really seems to be gone, does it?

I need a lunch out, or a therapy session. Ugh.

Glad you feel like you made progress. Sorry my comment was all about me. It's one of those days.