December 12, 2010

Baby Time?

Nope, not baby time yet. When I told my MIL she said the lateness, nausea and permanent tiredness was probably just a side effect of the weeks emotional roller coaster. She is probably right, but I am still a bit disappointed! I know we will have little ones soon, I was just hoping that was the reason I was late. Oh well, we will keep trying, there are worse ways to spend the evening!

Until it happens, these are my babies: Kiki in the back and Firefly up front!
What happens when I try to write anything! 


Katie said...

Ugh, TTC is so emotional. If I had my way (along with a serious influx of cash and a nanny, long with a housekeeper and live-in chef), we'd be trying for #3. ;) Good luck!!!

misssrobin said...

Still pulling for you. You are in my heart and prayers tonight.