December 22, 2010

Bacon Chocolate

Today is going to be point form (as I do tend to ramble more when tired!)

1. Officially ready for Christmas. All gifts are here, wrapped and under the tree. They are even mostly sorted between where we are going to open them.

2. Sushi Pie. Mikado restaurant shapes the rice into a patty, grills it so the bottom is crunchy, puts spicy mayo on top and then a layer of tuna. It is amazing! I usually vote to go there every time we are in that end of the city. I got my fix today! 

3. Monopoly is not my friend. I'm not sure why I pull it out of the cupboard when there are so many other games in there that I don't suck at! We are even a part of the Edmonton Board Game League, but still, I lose every time. I suppose this time it was for a good cause, Shannon had the photos posted to Twitter and Facebook before I even noticed her doing them! She is used to losing at it all the time, so it made her day to beat me!

4. Geography also not my strong suit! The edition of Monopoly that I have is the world tour one, and we spent a few minutes googling the names of the cities so we knew where they were in the world. Interesting and sad all at the same time.....but really, who out there knew that Gdynia is in Poland?

5. Baby time! Not for me, but one of the bloggers that I read every day just posted the good news! Head over to B is for to see all the happy details!

6. Bacon chocolate.....really does exist! We picked up a few bars today (one for Jon's stocking and one for us both to try ahead of time!) It is surprisingly good, even in my books. I am not a huge bacon fan. Every few months is enough for me. Jon could eat it every day....for every meal and be happy! We picked up our bars at Kerstin's Chocolates, and were treated to tea and hot chocolate while we shopped. They make a bunch of chocolate on site, but also order in some special brands that aren't available anywhere else. The Bacon Chocolate is made by a brand called Zotter. The description for the chocolate one is: Bacon cracklings roasted in a crispy fashion and then caramelised develop nutty flavours. Hazelnut nougat competes for this nutty taste. Refined with cinnamon and coated in noble bitter chocolate. Yum! They also make one called Cheese-Walnut-Grapes that caught my eye. It's description is: Austrian mountain cheese, walnuts, grapes and a touch of balsamic apple vinegar, altogether dipped in fine bitter chocolate. We bought some homemade Nutella for my stocking. I am intrigued. I am allergic to some food dyes and normal Nutella is icky to me, it just tastes like the offending dye. These girls make it from scratch with real hazelnuts (one of my favourite things ever) and fresh cocoa beans. I will let you know the verdict!

What do you think, should I try the Cheese one?

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