December 14, 2010

Today's adventures

This video almost made me pee my pants I was laughing so hard! Someone posted it on my facebook awhile back and I was trying to describe it to Shannon at her cookie exchange. Now that she's following my blog, what better way to get it to her than this? On The Rocks is an a cappella group from the University of Oregon. Can you imagine walking around campus and seeing these guys walking down the street? I love it!

Most of today was spent getting errands done, but there were a few highlights. 
1. I was exploring blogs today and found a book club using the same template as I was. It was free and cute, so I understand, but felt the need to change to something a bit more original. I love this one so far, it reminds me a bit of sparkly Christmas lights on a dark night! I'm sure I will eventually find another person with the same one again, and I will probably change it again. In all fairness most people who know me know that I would re-paint or re-arrange my house weekly if Jon would let me, so changing the blog every few weeks doesn't come as a big shocker.
2. My Christmas cards are totally done and the ones that had to go in the mail have already been dropped into the box! I took the lazy route this year and bought cards instead of hand making them like usual, but since I didn't send any at all last year I don't think people will mind. 
3. My laptop is alive again! Jonathan and I both spend a lot of time on our computers and this last week has been interesting sharing one. We usually have 4 to choose from, his desktop, his laptop, my desktop and my laptop. Well, his desktop was broken (he's at a friend's place right now upgrading it), we lent his laptop to a friend because Jon barely uses it, and then my laptops ram came loose and it started making an ominous beeping noise when you tried to turn it on. All of our photos are on my laptop because his desktop has been acting up for awhile, and I was in major panic mode thinking that the last 10 years of digital photos were gone (including wedding photos) All is well, I have all my pictures back, and will pick up some discs asap to back the photos up!
4. It is my beautiful friend Holly's birthday today, so we paid her house a quick visit and dropped off some goodies. I hate working on my birthday, it just seems like a day that you should be allowed to do anything with- really, it's your day! So, we hung a little gift and card on her front door so when she got home there would be a little surprise for her. 
5. We went to visit my favorite florist today and picked up some pine branches. One of my absolute favourite scents in the world is fresh pine, not the icky fake pine air freshener scent, the actual crushing the needles between your fingers version. The real version is really hard to duplicate, I have found a few convincing candles, but my cat burns her nose when i'm not looking, so I can't light them all the time! There are now pine branches all over our place, and for once, my cats aren't trying to eat my purchases! If you are in Edmonton or know anyone here who should be treated to flowers, please check out Off Whyte Floral. Kristi is so amazingly talented (she also did our wedding) Here is a link to the store's Facebook page so you can see some of the goodies she has in store!
Almost ready! Just need the dress now!
Our wedding flowers were so perfect, and since I have access to photos again, here is a shot of Kristi and I with my bouquet. She stopped in at my parent's house to pin the corsage and bountineer on my parents and to see me in my dress prior to the church. When she does your wedding she is there all day, including 2 locations to do all the pinning, delivering to the church, quickly gluing roses back onto the front of the bouquets when you have a spazzy bride (like me), fluffing your dress before the doors open up to walk down the aisle and bringing all the flowers to the reception afterwards. She (along with a ton of other people) made the day run better than we could of imagined.


misssrobin said...

I change my blog every so often. Once because someone had one like mine. Usually just because I'm still not happy with it. I'm working on designing my own. It will take time because I really have no idea what I'm doing. Your new blog design is great.

You might want to conside an external hard drive instead of disks. You can back up your whole system and it's way easier. We have one for each computer. They have saved our lives on more than one occasion. I'm so glad you got your photos back. It would be so heart breaking to lose them.

Kelly Latour said...

Thanks Misssrobin!
I am excited to see your new blog design! I will do my own one day, but I want to see what I like and don't like first!
I want to back up the photos to discs so I have one or two per year and can have a set of discs that my kids can pop into the computer in 30 years and see! Our external hard drive is out on loan right now, so the discs will have to be good enough for the time being!