December 16, 2010


Today rocked! Really, really rocked!
I got to sleep in and both kitties and one puppy were sleeping on me, keeping me warm.
Jonathan got up and made me eggs and toast for breakfast (without me asking...)
We stopped off at Transcend and I had a really, really good Mocha.
The new woman that we hired at work is awesome, positive, smart and fun to train!
We picked up a copy of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on the way home from work.
We also picked up some candy while we were at the movie store. Without even thinking I picked up runts and Jon grabbed nerds. When we were at the till he glanced at me and said "Well, it makes sense, your a runt and I am a nerd." The sad thing is that it was a very, true statement. The sadder thing is that I am just as much of a nerd as he is! I made him pose for a photo with his box, and he took one of me with mine....notice how short I am compared to him next to the wreath on the door behind us. Also, now that I look again, at the beautiful cleaning cloth that is drying there....and killer stealth ninja behind Jon. Yep, definitely nerds. Oh well.

We ended up doing a Dr.Seuss double header: The Grinch and Horton Hears A Who. Both amazing! I love cartoons and really, really love Seuss! Jon thinks I'm a nut bar (I sing along with the Grinch song) but he loves me anyway....
Speaking of the Grinch song, check out this version of it: Love!!! Straight No Chaser was formed a long time ago while they were all students at Indiana University. They graduated and decided that they loved it so much that they weren't going to stop! These guys have a ton of talent and a ton of fun! I strongly, strongly recommend all of their Christmas tunes (and all of their other music too....) 
I had an awesome dinner of homemade gluten free waffles (once again, Jon's cooking...) 
I got caught up on today's Twitter and learned that the Alberta liquor commission changed it's story from banning the sale of any beer over 11.9% alcohol to raising the prices of all specialty beers that are over 11.9% to reduce teen drinking. I am not sure why this effects me so much. I am allergic to beer unless it's from special gluten free breweries, and there are only 3 stores that I have found in Edmonton that sells beers I can drink. None of the beer that I can have is over 11.9%, so thankfully I won't get a price hike. I think it irks me because the people who are buying these specialty brews are supporting smaller (and local..) breweries, and it's going to hurt their bank account. In my experience, teen drinkers are going to buy the cheap stuff so they can have 12 and get sloshed. They are not the people who buy 1 or 2 specialty bottles to enjoy the taste. I blame Andrew at Transcend Coffeehouse as he is the one who told me about it originally. For more info, click here! 
I also had time to check in on the blogs I follow. There was a great link on K.Law's blog to an online radio segment. It is awesome on so many levels (and was fantastic background music while I read the rest of the blogs I follow. It is a crazy mix of Christmas and normal music that keeps you guessing an singing along at the same time. Please go check it out! You can grab the link through her blog or right here!
And, in case this description of the day doesn't already live up to the title, I took a photo of one of my Christmas gift tags....awesome!


misssrobin said...

Any time someone else does the cooking it's an awesome day.

I love Dr. Seuss as well. And Straight No Chaser, especially the Twelve Days of Christmas.

And your gift tag is so sweet. It looks like you will have a great Christmas.

Kelly Latour said...

Jonathan's Mom is a fantastic cook and some of it rubbed off on him. He doesn't have a ton of confidence in the kitchen, but everything he make sis sooo good!
For the longest time the only Straight No Chaser that I had heard was the Twelve Days of Christmas, I just discovered that all their stuff is that awesome!
I thought the tag was cute....all of mine have something sappy written instead of his name.

Iva said...

I LOVE nerds! yum!