December 18, 2010

Kelly vs Warehouse

Here are the stats for today's battle.....

Client comes to pick up bunk bed without calling first. Our warehouse guys are already gone so I get to dig through the disaster and find the 5 boxes. Found 4 with relatively no problem. A bit of heavy lifting to get the boxes over other boxes, but nothing I can't handle. It took me an hour to find the 5th box. Thankfully, the client had to pick some stuff up from another store, so he did that and then came back. He eventually got all the boxes, and even helped me get the last one into the vehicle. Point for me!
Kelly 1, Warehouse 0
The aisle that had most of the bunk bed boxes was blocked off on the end by two large armoires. There was nowhere to move them, so everything had to be lifted over them. They are the same height as me. I got the boxes as close as I could, and then climbed onto the armoire to get the boxes up and over. Had a few successful alley-oops jumping up. Had a few fails too. Jumped just a bit too short and my forearms couldn't hold my body up. Hit the bottom of my rib cage on the edge of the first armoire on the way down. Couldn't breathe for a few minutes and then tried again. Result? Red, angry tummy and really, really good potential for bruising. The best part? I did it 20 minutes later in front of my coworker after summoning his help with the final stupid box. Point warehouse.
Kelly 1, Warehouse 1
While finding the drawers that go under the bunk I bashed my arm on a box. Now missing some skin and it's right below my elbow, so resting my arm on a desk (which is useful to type or write up invoices) hurts like hell. Point for warehouse.
Kelly 1, Warehouse 2
Someone saw the ad we have running for solid birch toy boxes (small note....birch weighs a ton) They love them and buy one. I get to go back into the mess and find it. Easier said then done. 30 minutes later I come across the box, behind a stack of dressers, two cribs and another toy box. I heave it out, pass it over the cribs to my co-worker and venture back out onto the sales floor. I also learn where the other 7 toy boxes that are a different colours are hiding in the warehouse. Point for me!
Kelly 2, Warehouse 2 
While hunting for the toy box I had to climb on top of big dressers to get at the smaller boxes. This is a good theory until you put all your weight onto a box that is stacked high but empty because the warehouse guys took the dresser out of the side instead of the top. Scary 10 foot tumble for me towards cement floors. The bright side? My shin caught a crib rail about 4 feet down and I was able to get my legs back below me before hitting the ground. The dull side? My shin is now sporting a really, really angry section and it kinda hurts to walk, especially in heels. Point for warehouse.
Kelly 2, Warehouse 3
We sold a toddler bed to someone. Fortunately for me he picked the colour that is on the top of the stack. Unfortunately for me it was about 30 feet off the ground. I climbed up on other boxes and made my way to the pile, slowly made my way back down with it and brought it out to him. This time I wasn't hurt, but my pretty new boots obtained a nasty scratch in the leather. Partial points for both of us. 
Kelly 2.5, Warehouse 3.5
I raided the wood touch up paint and found a pen that is almost the exact colour as my leather boots. I got laughed at, but you can barely tell there was a gouge there. Half point for me!
Kelly 3, Warehouse 3.5
A client came in to pick up their nightstand (also a heavy bugger) and decided to buy a glider and ottoman at the same time. Fortunately my coworker helped me with this one. We found the nightstand (surprisingly easy as it was about the same size as the toy boxes so I had already read the label earlier) and dug out the glider. It attacked him instead of me, and made his glasses go flying. I managed to catch them, and other than a red mark, he survived. The ottoman was a bit more of a challenge, sitting atop a wall of bed rails. They are my least favourite thing to climb on as they are tall, skinny and only have about 8" of surface on the ground. Imagine a pallet of lumber in Rona, cut it loose, stand the boards on their ends and put a few inches between each of them. Now, climb up on them in high heels and walk about 4 feet, grab a box that is 24x24 with metal in it and walk back. I was able to pass the box off to receiving hands, but still not pleasant. Got to head back to the sales floor while coworker loaded up the client's truck. Point me!
Kelly 4, Warehouse 3.5
My gel nails have been taken off and will not be replaced until the thumb nail grows all the way back (about half of it ripped off last week) The remaining nails are thin and weak after having the gel there to replace and support them for so long. One of the boards puts a splinter through the top tip of my nail on my middle finger. Ouch. A pair of tweezers and some rubbing alcohol later it is bleeding, but splinter is gone. Point warehouse.
Kelly 4, Warehouse 4.5
As coworker was closing the bay door it hit him in the head. Dumb move, but the warehouse is so full that he couldn't take another step back and thought he had enough clearance. Add a headache to his red mark. Half point warehouse (the attack wasn't on me).
End score: Kelly 4, Warehouse 5

Wow. The warehouse is now dark for the night, smugly thinking about the pain it unleashed on me today. My muscles are angry at me, even my trainer doesn't beat me up this bad in our sessions. I apparently need to lose more weight so I can haul myself up and down the boxes with greater ease.....or maybe we just need to have less stock so the boys can keep it organized and clean.
Went from there straight to a mass birthday party....Happy Birthday to Anthony (the best man at our wedding) His little bro, Miguel (3 years younger, exact same bday), His wife Alycia (whose bday is the 19th of Dec) and his Mom Sandra (whose bday is Christmas day) Always a fun time with that family, and a ton of little ones running around playing with balloons.
Time for a hot bath, some Advil and then bed with a heat pad. Goodnight all.


misssrobin said...

Please don't ever let your insurance company read this; your rates would go up.

Glad you got out alive. I'd say you get a few bonus points for that.

Saturnino said...

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