December 14, 2010

Thanks again!

Thanks for the notes on yesterday's post. Your insights were all appreciated and I think I can find a middle ground. This blog will remain true to my life, days and emotions. Wether they are good or bad, they will be posted. I will refrain from specifics when posting the negatives. If you read it and believe that it is in reference to you then call me and we can meet for coffee and talk it out. This blog will help me learn to communicate and get the emotions out instead of bottling everything up. I am used to not saying anything so I don't hurt anyone or get in a fight, but I am learning that you have to say the things that hurt sometimes. If you don't, then the people never realize what you actually feel and the problem just grows and grows.

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misssrobin said...

Sounds like a good compromise. I hope it works out wonderfully.