December 8, 2010

Christmas Trees & New Hair

Our little Tree
We picked up a little Christmas tree last night after dinner and got it all set up! It feels more like Christmas already having it here, and now I can justify the Christmas Music! I could listen to this music year round- most of it is so happy and fun. I do keep it on my iPod year round, so I do sneak in the occasional tune here and there. 
All of our usual Christmas goodies are in storage waiting for us to move in April, so we had to buy all new goodies. We found ornaments in fun jewel tone red, blue, purple and green. I am loving it because my plan with wrapping this year was plain white paper and then using ribbons leftover from our wedding. Conveniently the ribbons we have are all the same colours, and with the white lights it looks really cool! I wasn't thinking about the ribbons when I was shopping, it just kinda happened that way....on well, it looks great (although kinda blurry in my phone's camera!)

New Purple Hair

Other news tidbit, My hair is short and purple now! 
I love it!

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