August 6, 2011

Gluten hates me

I am stealing the lovely Marlow's blog title for this post!
I have been gluten free for 5 years now and have been amazed at how much better I feel. But gluten got me this week, it snuck into my fridge and attacked! Maybe attacked is too strong of a word...
We had a crazy weekend- Shannon came into town for a surprise visit on Friday and we hit up a karaoke bar with my cousin. Once the bar closed down we came home and played board games (yes, we're that cool!) We ended up climbing into bed around 5:30am. We slept in a bit and then Shannon and I hit downtown for some girl time and shopping (including trying on ridiculous sunglasses!) She had to be up-island for family dinner so once we explored the market and I brought her to my favorite places in Victoria she dropped me off and headed back.
I made a quick dinner and then had an early night. We had an amazing wedding anniversary....a nice relaxed day together. We went to Sauce for lunch, wandered through the Miniatures Museum, took a horse & carriage ride through Beacon Hill Park and then went to Blue Crab Bistro for dinner. Both restaurants were awesome- Sauce sources all their food locally so it's always really fresh and they are really conscious about gluten allergies. Blue Crab was also awesome, a bit pricey, but I had a gift certificate from the Tourism award and some anniversary money from my parents. We had a huge seafood platter for dinner along with a bottle of wine.

So much food! But it was so good and all Kelly friendly. The gluten monster got me on Monday night. I was still really tired from the weekend so by the time I got home from work all I wanted to do was order takeout. We decided on Thai and we searched online for a place that delivers. We ordered our two standards- Pad Thai & Tom Yum and then tried out a pineapple and chicken curry. It was all really good but I woke up feeling even sicker and more tired than on Monday. By Thursday I wasn't feeling better (but was diligently eating the leftovers which usually go bad in our fridge) It was only when I went to the Doctor and he said it looked like strep did it register that one of the first clues of a reaction for me is strep symptoms. I called the restaurant back and apparently they use wheat noodles for their Pad Thai (which is traditionally rice noodles) Today is the first day I've felt human this week...although I am still a bit wonky.
So that is my week. An amazing weekend and then an evil gluten ninja attack.

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misssrobin said...

I'm happy about the great part and sad about the yucky part. I hope you are continuing to improve.

It must be such a pain to have to be so vigilent. My daughter had a friend sleep over a few months ago. Before she could come over, her friend had to go home and get her cereal. Turns out she has trouble with gluten as well. She and I had a conversation about it while the rest of my family stared at me. They'd never heard of it. I only knew anything because of your blog. So, thanks for keeping me informed.