September 2, 2011

Fringe Shows #4 & 5

Ok....a bit late but here are my reviews of the last 2 shows we went to!
Our Sunday night show:
My First Time
A group of actors and actresses read out real stories from the website My First Time.  They pick some unique stories, some strange stories, some cute stories and some fun facts. They even get the audience to fill out short surveys at the beginning of the show that get incorporated in.

Our Tuesday night show:
It's Been Taken
Two guys work at a comic book store that may be closing, have an invisible room mate who never pays his share of the rent and have serious girl problems. Filled with video game references and fun scene changes. We were laughing so hard for the whole show.
So far this is our ultimate favourite show. We have recommended it to everyone we talk to and still remember quotes from it. If you are in Victoria and reading this GO SEE IT!!!!

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misssrobin said...

If only I were in the area. That sounds like a fun show.