March 14, 2011


What a wonderful world we live in. It has so many amazing things for us to see and do. It also has a special way of telling us that it is unhappy with pollution levels and our tendency to abuse it. The terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan this week hit us hard. They were just starting to come back from their economic crisis, and now this hits. The disaster is on the verge of becoming the most expensive earthquake in history. It even has potential to get worse depending on what happens with the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Japan has always been fast to step up and help in the face of adversity. When New Zealand's Christchurch earthquake hit they were some of the first people on scene to lend a hand. Thankfully we don't have to fly there to help out anymore, new technologies make it possible to help from home!

The news stories keep pouring in with more tales of devastation but I struggle while reading them. They always seem so cold, so statistical. I know they have to be that way, but I think the best documentation has been people writing blogs and letters to their loved ones. The Internet has opened up so many pathways for communication and I think that a service as simple as Twitter saved a ton of lives when the phone lines went down. They were able to text their locations and read through the hopeful messages that were pouring in from the world. We live in a world where technology is taught to our children in schools. I remember my elementary school being so excited that we were getting a computer lab. A few years later I was required to take typing classes at my junior high. High school taught us how to program and create websites. 5 years after that I was handing in final university projects on a USB drive and taking all my notes on my laptop. Technology used to be a luxury and now we all carry it around in our pockets. I think we rarely take the time to thank anyone for it. When is the last time you paid your cell phone bill and sent in a letter of thanks with the cheque? Their service lets us connect with those closest to us and ensure they are safe and happy. I would be lost without my phone and computer.

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misssrobin said...

Great picture!

You're right that we take technology for granted. The idea of living without my cell phone scares me even though I did it for most of my life. It's always nice to be reminded to be grateful. Thank you.