March 3, 2011

Question #9

Day 9. What virtues do you value in yourself?

Creativity- I find myself searching for a creative, unique approach to everything. It is possible why I always had problems with math. I didn't want to do it the way that the teacher said to do it, I wanted to figure out my own way (which doesn't work so well...) My favourite teachers in school were the ones who embraced this uniqueness and encouraged it. I am the person who walks through a shop and re-arranges a display because the balance is off. I am also the person who can look at everyday objects and figure out 10 other uses for them. I always blew my bosses away when I was doing a product display because I took a normal object and made it stand out. Even now, as I'm dreaming up my own store, I am thinking of display ideas that I have never seen used. Custom soaps in a big old claw foot bathtub. Restored kitchen cabinetry with the doors removed to showcase everyday kitchen items. It's going to be good!

Strength- I impress my trainer every time I see him, but that's not the strength I mean. What I mean is the ability to get through it, get over it and keep going. I still have my days that I need a glass of wine and a good cuddle, but for the most part I am strong enough to know that I will overcome anything. I will accomplish my goals and I will live my dream. I know that I can do it and that I will do it. No matter what my friends and family say. No matter what the bank says. No matter what complete strangers say. I will do it, I will win, and once I do, they will all see that they can too. All you need to do is believe. 

Organization- I am a neat freak. A strangely organized neat freak. My storage room is full of labelled rubber bins. My photos are all labelled by date, year and who is in each album. Our honeymoon photos are sorted by date, island and activity. My iTunes can be sorted and collated in 15 different ways and always be perfect (I know, I have gone through each song) I have also googled every album cover for every downloaded song and loaded it in. Thankfully Jon finds this endearing about me. His Mom is the same, in fact, when I moved in she re-labelled her whole storage system with french/english labels because they were originally only french. Our house is always organized and tidy, the surfaces get cleared off every night. Want to hold a last minute get together? Have it at my house, it's good to go. It drives my friends a bit batty and I'm sure it makes them pause when inviting me over. What they don't realize is that I really don't care what their places look like, it is only mine that has to reach my standards. 

Singing- I'm not sure if my singing voice qualifies a virtue, but I'm putting it here anyway. I sing all the time, to whatever I can hear and usually out loud. Sales people laugh at me on a regular basis because when they are walking over to say hi they can hear me. It makes them smile, and if I brought them 5 minutes of happy in a long workday then I'm good with getting mocked. Singing makes me happy, makes me feel connected. I love that all those lyricists were able to write down their feelings and share them with the world. I still don't have the self-expression thing down. One day I will get there.  

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misssrobin said...

It looks like you've got a lot of skills that are going to help you in this new venture of yours.

The singing? That will help you emotionally to keep things upbeat and happy as you put it all together.

Sounds like it's going to rock!