May 17, 2011


This last bit of blogging silence has been a struggle on this end. There is tons I want to write about, but I have been holding back and not posting because I know that I have lots of family and friends reading. I love that you are all reading along and following our Victoria adventure, I wish you would comment more (even as anonymous and then type your name after your comment) but I understand that the blogging thing is new to most of you. 
The blog has turned into a sunshine and roses showcase. I have only let myself post things that will not concern those who love us. I am going to change that now. It's not fair to any of us if I only write about the happy moments and skip over the things that are worrying me. I am going back to writing everything. Just remember, NOTHING HERE IS A CALL FOR HELP! Any problems that we encounter, anything that we are losing sleep over, anything that blocks our path we will find a solution for. If the only solution we can think of is asking you for help, we will do that, but over the phone or face to face. This is just a place to vent, to get feedback and to look back and see how far we've come. 
Lots of love!

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misssrobin said...

This is a beautiful post. It is full of love and concern for friends and family. It is also full of strength. We grow stronger by facing difficulties and finding our way through. When others overstep healthy boundaries, we lose the opportunity to grow and the relationship gets sick. Way to be direct and loving at the same time -- tough thing to do.