May 4, 2011


My Mom & Jonathan's Mom at our wedding rehersal
I always forget what it is like working retail close to major gift giving occasions. Mother's Day is on Sunday and work has been insanely busy leading up to it. I am trying hard to be excited about the day, but I am wishing that I could be closer to both Moms for the holiday. It also doesn't help that our budget is tight and I get to help people pick out all these wonderful gifts while we send cards back to Edmonton.  But one of the most wonderful things about these two beautiful women is that they don't care about the gifts or the cards. They just want to know that we are happy and healthy. So, while all the other mothers are unwrapping the gifts that I have wrapped for them, I will be on the phone letting mine know that I'm all right.

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misssrobin said...

Ugh. Mother's Day is so hard for me. My mom and I are so different. I'm a minimalist who doesn't want gifts. She's a shopper. I prefer to receive a gift of experience (tickets to somethings, gift certificate to a restaurant, lunch out together) or something consumable. Anything so that a week afterward it's not still lying around my house. She likes stuff. All kinds of stuff. She is incredibly understanding and patient and is happy with whatever I offer, even if it's just well wishes and gratitude. I smile and accept whatever she gives me and decide later what to do with it (donate it, give it back to her, pass it on to a friend).

I'm sorry you're away from your mom and would rather be close. I wish I lived on the other side of the planet for this and most other holidays. Too much pressure.