January 4, 2011

Finally done!

Guess What? The brilliant but evil guestbook that I was making for the wedding is finally done! Why the heck did I think it was a good idea to put people's photos in with the comment cards? And really, why did I decide to do them by table? Because I like to torture myself? I think so!!! Also, how is it possible that with 3 photographers, a videographer and a dozen or so people with their own cameras that I don't have a single photo of some people??? Argh!
I do think it turned out pretty well, despite all my complaining while I was sorting through everything. I think in 20 years it will be cool to see who was at each table, what their wishes were for us and the photos of them on that day.

This is one of the pages as an example- The 918 is the table number (No, we didn't  have 918 tables....we picked numbers that meant something to us. 918 was the number of days we had been a couple up to the wedding day) The silver cards were the guestbook pages, everyone filled them out and told us two things: What memories they think we should treasure about the day and their advice for us. Some are sweet, some sentimental, lots are comical. They were a ton of fun to read the next day and even today looking through I was giggling at a bunch of them.
Lots of "She's always Right" 
a few "Fight naked, it's hard to be mad when your naked" 
and, my current favorite:
"The key to a good right cross is to step into it and imagine hitting something just beyond your intended target. Oh, wait. Marriage advice? Duck Jon and apologize"

On the bright side, today remained a pajama day. The icky snow that was falling all day and that I would usually whine about? I had no part of it! I didn't set foot out there. My Mother in law got groceries and needed help in the house....Jon loaded from the car and back, I toted the food from the door to the kitchen and put it away. Sweet Deal!

Tomorrow's task? The Honeymoon scrapbook. It's half done and mocking me!

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misssrobin said...

You will treasure this one day. And once you have kids you won't have time or energy for it, so be glad you got it done now.

Glad you got to stay in your pajamas. Nothing like a good mental health break.